Tuesday 24 February 2015

B. R. Yarr's Severed Battalion

General B. R. Yarr - Head in a Jar
STR 0, DEX 0, WIL 17, 2hp, Armour 1. Confined to a reinforced glass jar.
Completely immobile. Can only act through a telepathic link with his Severed Battalion.
Wants to find a way to gather more members to his battalion, and eventually find a way to grow a new body. Won't settle for a fragile human body again.

Headless Battalion: STR 14, DEX 6, 9hp, Hatchets (d6), Pistols (d6), Blooded uniforms. Attacks are impaired unless the target is being held by another headless, who will grunt to guide their ally's attacks.

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