Thursday 12 February 2015

d12 Noble Weapons of Bastion

Into the Odd has four weapons that you're likely to see carried.

Hand Weapons are one-handers from daggers to axes, and pistols. d6 damage, one hand.
Field Weapons are two-handers like muskets, pikes, zweihanders, and sledgehammers. d8 damage, two hands.
Heavy Guns are for hunting big game. d10 damage, two hands, don't move and fire. Super expensive.

The best weapons are Noble Weapons. Practical enough to carry in one hand, but packing an increased punch of d8 damage. So what makes them better than Hand Weapons?

1: Pepperball - Fourteen-barreled pistol using a new mechanism to fire at ultra high velocity. Sounds like FipFipFipFipFipFipFipFipFip!
2: Roseladder - A helix of spikes and hooks of ultra-hardened metal. Pommel and guard are spiked for punching. Popular with flamboyant gladiators.
3: Impaltrix - Long pistol firing foot-long metal stakes with a combination of powder and magnets. Sounds like SHWWIIING followed by screaming.
4: Hand Scorcher - Thin metal rod that instantly heats to searing temperature. Creates lots of steam when plunged into water, and smells really gross. Remains hot for an impractically long time after use.
5: Bloomfeller - Bulb-shaped pistol that fires special heavy shot with a THUSSSSS sound. The shot breaks up mid-air to cause particularly nasty wounds.
6: Double Foil - Two-pronged fencing sword that looks utterly ridiculous and impractical. In reality the two tips deliver a painful electric current when they strike a target. Recharges with a rather loud and embarrassing pumping mechanism.
7: Urbarrager - Two-barreled heavy pistol with gargoyle faces, spikes, and all sorts of other over the top decoration. Wildly inaccurate but fires big shots fast enough for it not to matter. Sounds like BAWRK! BAWRK BAWRK!
8: Prong of War - A heavy two-pronged military fork that can barely be wielded in one hand. Associated with use by an ancient culture known for horrible torture rituals, so carries a certain message with its use.
9: Side-Mortar - Very heavy, sturdy pistol with no resemblance to a mortar. Has an incredibly satisfying pump action reload and the perfect weight for spinning around and doing tricks. Sounds like BAFF! ker-chuck.. BAFF! ker chuck...
10: Gentleman's Pick - A long sabre with a pick on the end of the back-side. The blade is of little use, but the pick is very effective. Features a cigar lighter on the pommel.
11: Little Duke - A nice light, well made pistol, with fantastic accuracy and a real punch. Ivory handle and intricate lace grip. Sounds like PAOWD! Costs ten times a normal Noble Weapon and will almost certainly be the target of thieves.
12: Discipline Cane - Made from the light, but incredibly strong, bones of a fallen skywhale, and studded with the teeth of various types of sewer crocodiles polished to a white sheen. Anyone wielding this just gives the impression that they're a massive jerk that needs pushing into some mud.

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