Friday 20 February 2015

Lost Villages of Deep Country

Deep Country names mean something to those who speak the local dialect. Outsiders always pronounce it wrong. Questioning their non-standard pronunciation, or saying it wrong yourself, will always cause offence.

Most locals have their own shortened name for the village, but don't you dare try and come up with your own.

There are four rumours about each village, with a 50% chance each will be true. If none of them are true, they're actually hiding something even worse. 

Pronounced Name (Written Name)

Rhendug-unt-Meens (Rending-into-the-Mane)
- They exclusively eat horse products.
- They ferment horse milk into a disgusting frothy Neigh-Ale. 
- They are nomads that murdered the original villagers a few years back.
- The watchtower in the middle of the village has a fixed lightning-cannon. 

Vulsire-Mark (Vulturemark)
- Huge birds descend on the town each night and attack anyone still out.
- The dead are fed to huge birds as a funeral ritual.
- The villagers are secretly shape-shifting genius bird people that eat human flesh.
- The village militia makes bombs from bird droppings. 

Upnupp-the-Gizzard (Up and Up the Lizard)
- The inn has a huge, boneless, telepathic toad monster trapped in its cellar.
- The local cult worship frogs from space.
- First born children are thrown into the village pond to feed flesh-eating toads. 
- Roasted flies are served as bar snacks.

Rohm-Ig-Crynna (Roaming Carrianna)
- The women of the town are infertile. 
- Each night the women form a choir to ward off bad spirits. 
- The men in the town are actually women in disguise, and all conception is unnatural.
- Only women are permitted to prepare food or drink here. 

Tarky-Ap-Moseiff (Tearing-Up-Massive)
- The local strongmen can tear rocks in two.
- The local strongmen are metal underneath their skin.
- A giant man once destroyed the town and left all the women bearing half-giant sons. 
- The water here will make you grow in strength but turn stupid. 

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