Monday 4 July 2011

The Grey One's View of the Elements

It was there, but also not there. Sumaj had never seen an Origin in the flesh before, and he could not be sure he was seeing one right now. The smoke around its loosely humanoid form shifted and lightened. As it spoke, Sumaj knew it was addressing him.

"The Elements are all. All comes from these four. The night sky and the endless ocean are from the same seed as the tiger and the man. It is how these intertwine that we have created infinite variety."

The smoky form started to twist and tighten in a funnel before seeming to exhale, somehow still having the hint of a human form.

"That which is only Earth is the stone. It exists in the physical, it is absolute and easily understood, but forms the basis for the greatest mountains and finest wonders of architecture."

"That which is only Earth and Water is the tree. It leans to the sun, draws upon water and blossoms every spring, but will never strive for more."

"That which is only Earth, Water and Fire is the beast. It cries out in anger and whimpers in pain. It beats down its rivals and surveys its territory with pride."

"That which is Earth, Water, Fire and Air is now above the stone, the tree and the beast. When all four near a balance we have Man, and it is to each of the Elements that you owe a part of yourselves."

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