Monday 2 August 2010

Want to be a Fringer?

You are a Fringer. You may not be a bad person but you've most likely seen bad things or done worse to survive. As is often the case you've banded together with a group of like-minded individuals. Perhaps you've worked together on jobs before or feel like you can trust each other after a friendship. You may have an area of expertise but on the Fringe there are few steady jobs, so you will have had something of a patchwork career history.

There is no Universal Empire or Omni-Planetary Federation here. Core Space is far away and they're happy about it. Here anyone can stake their claim, as long as they have the means to back it up. 

Your character's personal kingdom is the shared ownership of a banged up planetary shuttle. This will fly you between nearby planets and can be transported further distances by larger craft for a cost.

Between yourselves you will decide to pursue one of the job opportunities available on the local bulletin service in the hope of making enough credits to stay fed and keep the shuttle running.

I'm finally getting around to running a playtest of Xenofringe, my Sci Fi RPG. As a change of pace I'll be running it play by post on the Penny Arcade forums.

Want to sign up and try it out? Check out the game thread here and post to show your interest.