Friday, 13 February 2015

Bastion Youth Slang Glossary

From urchins to academics, the youth of Bastion love radifying new gabbernations to keep the Suckerate from knowing what they're stewering on about.

Pisteroons - Trousers, specifically when somebody is sticking their hands in their pockets and sulking. Ha! He's got his Pisteroons on just because he's lost the game. 

Chirtiturbled - Spooked by some sort of unnatural presence. Then I heard this sort of chiming outside, I was right Chiriturbled!

Pawnring - A business known to exploit its workers. The day I have to get up and go to work for some Pawnring, just kill me!

Masquitics - The act of mimicking somebody with a ridiculous voice to annoy or antagonise them. I warmed you about doing them Masquitics on me Benjuman, I swear I'll pound your head in!

Diormeter - The set of buildings immediately adjacent to a landmark of some sort. Yeah he lives in the Diormeter of the Grand Pit.  

Reforff - Afailed comeback to an insult. Wow, what a witty Reforff that was!. 

Infeminary - Parlours specialising in decorating literally any object in an ultra-feminine style. I tell you my titan-hound is the laughing stock of the street since she took it down to the Infeminary. 

Vieways - A route that seems like the quickest, but comes with so many interruptions and obstacles that it takes longer than other routes. I just wanted to get home but your so-called directions sent me Vieways into some cave full of mutants. 

Maggeton - A grossly exaggerated twin city to Bastion, which many believe to be a real place out in deep country. The second we build a rail out into Deep Country, we'll be overrun with cannibals and plague-carriers from Maggeton taking our jobs!

Wrundemaze - The streets of Bastion, when one is intoxicated and can't find their way around. Too many rums last night, I must have been bouncing around the Wrundemaze for hours before I found a corner to sleep in. 

Chuckting - A can of feces with a stick in the bottom, hurled by street urchins at perceived rich-folk wandering into their neighborhoods. I was just trying to help the old lady back to her feet when some little bastard got me with a Chuckting! Well I dropped her back into the mud and made a run for it. 

Pulliamage - An avant-garde hair style. Hey, check out the Pulliamage on that guy, must be a foot high at least!

Flectic - Showing signs of being brainwashed, cursed, or mind controlled. You've been acting proper Flectic since that naked old guy bit you last week.

Torny-down - Bits of flesh and gristle left over from a nasty accident or murder. The worst bit of sweeping the gutters is washing all the Torny-down out of your bristles at the end of the day. 

Words courtesy of this nonsense word generator.

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  1. Slang is an interesting topic. I remember reading threads about Dungeoneer Slang. Yukpuddles, droopy, jackled.
    That flats jackled, digger. Gonna bust your steppers. It split my tenpoke.