Tuesday 3 February 2015

Undergangs - Shallow Quarter

Rumoured Gangs from the Underground's Shallow Quarter
Ability Scores are given for the leader, followed by the Detachments they can muster. Any notable possessions are also given.

Ellie Postite & Solid Nation
STR 14, DEX 10, WIL 12, 12hp, Armour 1, Sledgehammer (d8).
Civil engineer obsessed with insect hives as a model for communities. Currently building a better slum Underground. Escaped daughter of Mouldy Cotta, wants to eradicate Mother Meat.
Holds territory through brute force.
Wants to give the poor of Bastion a better home, and control the Underground.
1 Hive Elites (10hp, Swords, Modern Armour, gold face paint)
4 Enforcer Groups (7hp, Sledgehammer, silver face paint)

Mouldy Cotta &
STR 5, DEX 9, WIL 6, 9hp. Blunderbuss (d8).
Scaly, mutated, former schoolmistress. Currently snatching children for her family. Wants to win back Ellie Postite.
Holds territory through pity.
Wants to bring more daughters to her ranks, and gain the love of her current brood.
1 Rifle Girls (4hp, Rifles, smart uniforms )
1 Knife Girls (1hp, Knives, tattered old dresses)

Mother Meat

A leaderless collective that drag dead beasts from the surface to their black-painted lair and eat the raw flesh in writhing, naked piles. Hold their territory through freaking out rivals and being no real threat.
Want to taste the freshest, most exotic meat, and weird you out.
Naked Maniac Horde (7hp, Knives)
Milk Pump (Water pump that discharges thick, salty water, which they drink exclusively. May be responsible for their condition and remarkable immune systems)

Regal Spannard &
Junkyard Agenda
STR 10, DEX 12, WIL 12, 10hp.
Spoiled, rich student turned filthy anti-cult revolutionary. Currently gathering explosives to blow up every astral temple. Knows he can manipulate Eugenia Tearer and wants to find a way to control Mother Meat. 
Holds territory through cunning and charisma.
Wants to create a legacy, and be feared by the surface.
Filthy Revolutionaries (6hp, Muskets, brass plated coats)
Sapper Bands (7hp, Bombs, brass domed helmets)

Eugenia Tearer &
Majestic Red
STR 7, DEX 14, WIL 9, 8hp.
Skinny street-thief addicted to the Carapace Ruby. Currently wrangling petty criminals into a crime organisation, and using her Arcana to spread terror amongst rivals. Unrequited love for Regal Spannard, and hatred for Ellie Postite for trying to muscle in on her territory.
Holds territory through terrorizing rivals in bug-form.
Wants to make enough money to buy a good life on the surface, and keep possession of the Ruby.
Carapace Ruby: Anyone placing this stone in their mouth slowly turns into a cockroach-like humanoid over the next hour. If the stone is removed they slowly turn back over an hour. They have STR 15, DEX 15, and their WIL and HP are retained. Their unnaturally hard shell grants Armour 2 and their bite causes violent explosion on Critical Damage. They cannot talk in this form. 
Masked Raiders (6hp, Pistol, Sword, bug masks)

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