Tuesday 3 March 2015

d12 Odd Cargo

Roll d12 to find out what those weird guys were hauling.

1 - Soldier Seed
Polished tins of silver seeds. Label shows immaculately uniformed soldiers growing out of a vegetable patch. If planted, will sprout misshapen babies after a day. They grow into twisted toddlers within the week, and within two weeks into big, bent, knotted men that cry out in agony, but serve remarkably well. If cut from the ground early they turn black and die in an hour.
Seeded Soldier Regiment (3hp, STR 14, joints and hair in all the wrong places)

2 - Bright Mountain Dust
Glow-in-the-dark quartzlike rock that, in moderation, is like a tastier, more intense salt. If too much is eaten (if in doubt, it's too much) the victim vomits glowing sludge until they pass a STR Save. If directly licked, the licker vomits, and their tongue swells and goes limp. They can only talk like an idiot for the rest of the day.

3 - Penal Shell
Iron barrel worn like a tortoise shell (Armour 1), spiked on the inside, with holes for limbs to just stick out. Locks shut if someone gets inside it, and the keys aren't here. You'll need a specialist to bust it open. All actions are impaired and the wearer is constantly poked with spikes, suffering a further d6 damage if shaken or knocked about.

4 - Winter Syrup
Between molasses and lard, savoury and sweet, rations and fossil fuel. Favoured by Polar explorers and young academics that eat vast quantities as a hazing ritual.

5 - Eternity Deeds
Hundreds of documents agreeing for future descendants of the signer to become property of Workmaster Enterprise Camps in return for advanced payment.

6 - Star-Child Confit
10ft metal tin filled with dense white fat. Deep in the middle is the preserved corpse of a winged, boneless child with long fingers and empty eye sockets.

7 - Nerve Wax
Causes some numbing at touch. Rubbing it in causes dull pain in that body part that lasts the rest of the day. Extended rubbing-in causes agonising pain that impairs all action and causes loss of 1 WIL each hour unless thoroughly washed off with very hot water.

8 - Void Totem
Massive (20ft) black rock held in a wooden crate. Almost a cube, pretty much unbreakable. Small hole (inch wide) in the center of the top side that annihilates anything placed inside. If the rock is somehow broken (impossible by any previous attempts) it annihilates everything within a mile.

9 - Killing Eagles
Metal gargoyles of eagles tearing apart smaller versions of various other animals. The eyes glow at night. If you kill the eagle's prey animal in its vision, its eyes will blast rays of light indiscriminately for d10 damage before returning to its dormant state.

10 - Humungo
A truly humongous (STR 18, DEX 8, WIL 4, 10hp, Armour 1, 12ft tall) man inked with astral symbols. Totally bestial in behaviour. Trapped in a man-shaped iron-banded box that holds him in place with only a hole at the mouth, and one at the base.

11 - Blown Wishes
Hundreds of seemingly empty glass jars. Each is labelled with a name (first name only).

12 - Ultra-Snare
A metal ball of wire held in a seriously reinforced ceramic chest. If thrown with any force it unleashes a vast forest of razor-wire that causes d6 damage to all in the area. Anyone moving within the wire must do so very slowly and carefully, or else take d6 damage. Seemingly no way to retract the snare.

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