Friday 27 March 2015

d12 Crappy Ships

Forget your roaring steamships, majestic ships of the line, and prototype submarines. These ships are just flat out crappy.

Cheap though!

1: Pile of Old Furniture (50s, 7hp, 10 crew, some cushions)
2: Huge Wheel (1g, 8hp, 1 detachment crew)
3: Deep-Beast Carcass (10g, 4hp, Armour 2, 1 detachment crew, awful stink)
4: Psuedosub (5g, 3hp, Armour 1, 6 crew, leaks that burst at 10m depth)
5: Quadroyak (2g, 6hp, 10 crew, needlessly complex hull structure)
6: Suicide Harrier (5g, 5hp, Cannon d12, 3 crew, declared unsound for military use)
7: Broken Skimmer (3g, 3hp, 10 crew, terrible drag)
8: Pump Ship (10g, 10hp, 1 detachment crew, powered by man-pumps)
9: Broken Float-Orb (10g, 4hp, Armour 1, 8 crew, hole in the top) 
10: Floating Hive (4g, 8hp, 1 detachment crew, home to millions of biting insects)
11: Modified Locomotive (10g, 7hp, Armour 1, 8 crew, Cannon d12, doesn't work on rail, doesn't actually float well enough for travel beyond docks)
12: Extracted Sewer Mega-Clog (10g, 8hp, Armour 1, 1 Detachment Crew, pulsing, slowly growing)

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