Friday 13 March 2015

Sixteen Things from the Forge

The Forge is still one of the most useful generators out there. I'll use the first set of results from each of its four generators without any cheating and re-rolling.

The Forge

Feather Orb looks like a fitfull of white feathers scrunched into a ball. It's warm and has a faint pulse. If you get any feathered creature to sit on it overnight it will hatch into a newborn of that species. Throw it hard enough and it'll explode on impact, showering the area with thousands of feather shards.

Shiver Shadow is a disease transmitted by any sort of affectionate contact, handshakes included. The subject feels intense cold whenever they cannot see their shadow and is slowly drained until they look at it. Sleeping causes loss of d6 STR. The only cure is to thoroughly burn an object your shadow is cast onto.

Earth Sheath a technique mastered by few. These dirt-armoured warriors can call a choked word at soft earth and have a specific weapon spring out. The oldest members of the order can call for the earth to swallow their foes in a similar way.

Glow Letters are specific symbols of an arcane text that glow when properly inscribed on a hard surface, imbuing it with unnatural properties. Each letter can mean two opposing things, depending on invisible details in its inscription, so a poor inscription may have the opposite effect. Most typical are Heavy/Weighless, Weakness/Strength, Life/Death, Malice/Benevolence.


Rope Demons are worse versions of Chain Devils, because they'll form nooses, give you rope burn, and even set themselves alight to make themselves more terrifying.

Prayer Hounds guard the grounds of the Ruby Spike Cathedral, each having been trained to bark out a few words of a sacred prayer. Together them form a cacophony that very loosely carries the message of the original prayer as they tear intruders to pieces.

Dead Tusk Lions are like Sabre Tooth Tigers, but their large teeth break off on a good bite. While the tooth is embedded, the victim cannot benefit from any sort of healing. The tooth embeds itself with an icy grip that forces a Save vs Death if pulled out recklessly. The Lion's natural prey all have unique ways of removing the tooth safely, if you can find one.

Brain Kobold is just a Kobold with a big exposed brain on his head. Perfect telepathy, clumsy telekinesis, and huge superiority complex.


Tundra Defence - Create a mile-wide patch of cold, dry land. Plants will not grow, and those brought here instantly wither. Creatures immediately feel hungry and cold. Generally nobody wants to stick around.

Ulae's Dragon Dimension - Draw from a parallel plane filled with a dragon for every noun in existence. Go here to summon a Vomit Dragon, an Academia Dragon, or the dreaded Emu Dragon.

Tsonden's Unnatural Hammer - Strikes any natural being for devastating impact, but each strike causes the wielder to become more unnatural. They gradually look out of place in the world, animals hate them, and soon they become turn-able by Clerics.

Atter's Rage Fauth - Target a group of people of the same faith (any size) currently engaging in a ritual. It instantly turns bloody and they won't stop at anything once invoked.


Moon Prison - A fortress-sphere held a few miles above by unseen forces. Home to all the worst people from the ground.

Zuggurat of Woe - Built as a coming-of-age ritual by some forgotten culture. Climbing is tiring but not all that bad. Once you reach the top you're swallowed up into a dungeon that nobody has escaped from, This may be why the culture in question failed.

Gemstone Zone - Some sort of mad neon hell that you get warped to if you touch the Dire Emerald at the center of the crashed starship. It's all lasers and diamond-robots and you'll be more focused on escaping than taking any of the abundant treasures with you.

Tower of Marrow - Just a big old hollowed-out bone of some impossibly huge creature. Houses various cults dedicated to their interpretation of the creature. A gelatinous marrow continues to grow from the walls inside. It's delicious, nourishing, and if prepared correctly can grant a number of unnatural abilities for a short period of time. Most common are super-strength, forceful milk-vomit spray, flexible bones, mild precognition, water breathing, and hallucinogenic sweat.

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