Wednesday 29 August 2012

What about Invokers, Samurai and Illusionists?

We're into the bottom of the class-barrel now! But who am I to tell fans of these classes they aren't welcome. Bring them on!

The Ancient Word
- Do not suffer disrespect of any Gods, alive or dead.
- Attempt to bring subjects of all Gods together as equals.
- Smite those that wish to make Gods of themselves.
Symbol – Marble Staff: Striking an object with this staff while unleashing an ancient word of power causes 1d6 damage and ignores armour.
Terrible Ritual: You are able to below a word of power that causes anything below human intelligence to flee immediately.
Wrathful Ritual: With a power word you are able to command, but not create, lightning, water and fire as you wish. If thrown at an enemy these will cause 1d6+WIL Bonus damage.

The Swordmasters
- Obey the instructions of senior Swordmasters.
- Keep your sword and armour clean of blood after battle.
- Do not use ranged weapons or magic of any sort.
Symbol – Master Sword and Armour: This two-handed sword (1d6+2) and ornate, masked armour (Armour 2) are both required to benefit from Rituals.
Duellist Ritual: As long as you are engaging a single opponent with no help from your allies you may add your STR Score to Damage.
War Ritual: When you kill an opponent in melee your allies add your WIL Bonus to all Damage rolls until your next turn.

The Dreampainter
- Never refuse to paint out a story.
- Do not use your illusions to harm the innocent.
- If confronted directly, give the truth.
Symbol – Brush Pendent: You can conjure impressive illusions that last until touched. 
Artist's Ritual: Your illusions include sound, smell and thermal effects.
Veiling Ritual: You make objects invisible until they are touched. 

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