Thursday 23 August 2012

Play Into the OD&D on Hangouts Tomorrow


Finally have an internet connection back, so I can use Hangouts again!

I should be playtesting Arkbound, but my fickle brain is stuck on this project so who am I to argue with myself?

I'll be running a one-shot dungeon crawl using Into the Odd with classic D&D classes as detailed in the last few posts here.

Character Creation uses Into the Odd as normal with the following twists:

- Roll your Ability Scores and HP as normal. Ignore anything mentioning Arcana.
- Choose a class: Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue. 
- Choose two Backgrounds: Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Noble, Underground, Wilderness Urban, Soldier, Criminal, Charming, Explorer, Loremaster. 

Casters will need to consider the following:
- Clerics can choose one of the measly two deities listed in my post or can pick their own god if they give me the gist of it and trust me to write up the mechanics. If you don't like what you see I'm sure we can reach a consensus. 
- Wizards take their spells from the Wizard list here and accept that I tend to grossly simplify spells. I don't want formulas for calculating precise ranges and limits based on caster level and similar stuff so I just wing the details and lean in your favour. Trust me!

As heretical as it might seem I'm going NO FLAILSNAILS on this one, as I specifically want to see how these new takes on classes work in the game. If you want to roll up a parallel version of your existing character as one of these classes then go ahead. We can say it's a coma-dream or lotus trip or something. 

Go here to sign up. If you can't see the post I don't have you in my RPG Circle so give me details to add you. 

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