Saturday 4 August 2012

Visual Inspiration for Arkbound Robots

From top-left to bottom-right.

1: Combat robots are mostly mobile turrets. Those that are still active will still be carrying out their duty, but may be acting strange after fifty years without a reboot.

2: Robots were the only intelligent beings to survive the Tempest while on their planets. Those that now find themselves without human masters either revel in their new sense of freedom or have difficulty coping.

3: Advanced worlds had begun to use AI Vehicles for public transport. They still roam their routes with a pleasant demeanour.

4: Particularly curious robots have discovered man's advanced technology in the fields of genetics and artificial organics. This has lead to some robots trying to make themselves into true organic creatures.

5: With no humans around some robots took it upon themselves to reproduce, building the first true second-generation robots. They tend to look amateurish and act like strange caricatures of humans as seen through robot eyes.

6: Human-like robots never quite became truly convincing, but some labs got close.

7: Only a small number of robots were built with a sense of curiosity, as it can be an unnervingly human personality trait. Those that do will eagerly hand themselves over to Arks in order to travel the universe.

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