Monday 6 August 2012

Visual Inspiration for Arkbound's Ruined Homeworlds

From Top-Left to Bottom-Right

1: The Tempest affected each world differently. Some were transformed into lifeless deserts. Here we see one of the Subspace Pylons that unleashed the Tempest.

2: Robots still roam the homeworlds. Some are the original surviving machines but others are second generation, built by robots.
3: Some worlds still have a breathable atmosphere. On these worlds recolonisation is hindered by other hazards such as extremes of temperature or violent storms and earthquakes.
4: Some worlds found themselves flooded, their treasures now submerged below oceans.
5: Power had gotten so efficient on some worlds that the supply is still running. These power plants are prime targets for salvaging fuel for Arks.
6: Some worlds find themselves cursed with an endless night and smoke-shrouded sky.

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