Friday 3 August 2012

Visual Inspiration for the Slum Decks

From Top-Left to Bottom-Right

1: Many decks are high enough to support multi-story living structures. Only the brave or desperate live in such precarious places.

2: The older the slum the more walkways connect its living spaces. Bars distil their own alcohol from whatever they can get their hands on. Salvaged beverages from planets are taken by Officers, but the occasional bottle make it into the slums.

3: Conditions can be very low-tech, especially for those that have managed to find a secluded living area they don't want to draw attention to.

4: Slum markets trade in both salvage and goods produced on the Ark. Even Officers will come down here to see what's up for the barter.

5: Walking is by far the most common way of getting around. Lifts shuttle passengers between decks but many have become isolated from this network, making inter-deck travel difficult.

6: Some living quarters are sealed off from the slums. These are highly valued and anyone living in them will have to fight to keep them.

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