Tuesday 28 September 2021


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So the Kickstarter is doing pretty well...

I'd say it's exceeded all my expectations, but the truth is for this campaign I genuinely didn't know how to make a forecast. 

Electric Bastionland had a lot of unknowns during its Kickstarter, but it was also a much simpler creature in many ways. The campaign was essentially relying on people that knew about my games and wanted to buy one in a big fancy book. The campaign certainly went beyond that, but I at least had that as a starting point. 

With Into the Odd Remastered there are a load of elements thrown in that I have no idea about. I know how many people bought Electric Bastionland, so that's a figure I can work from, but I don't know:

  • How many people have a copy of Into the Odd
  • How many people have read about or played Into the Odd in the past seven years without buying their own copy
  • How many of my blog and stream viewers would actually buy a book
  • How many people are drawn in from Johan's following of MORK BORG acolytes
  • How many people are drawn in from Free League's following
  • How many people just look at the new RPG Kickstarters and back things that they like the look of
  • How many people will be drawn in from the various external video/podcast things I'm appearing on throughout this campaign

So if you've spoken to me about this campaign and I've been coy about making predictions, rest assured it isn't just part of my faux modesty, but it's genuinely just too much chaos for me to put into order.

Now while the forecast baffled me, I do love a premature autopsy. 

Yeah, it's not been 24 hours yet, but I think it's fair to call this first day a success.

Why? I have some hunches, but let's save the specifics for next week.


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