Thursday 30 September 2021

Stretch Goal Teases

So now that Into the Odd Remastered has hit all of its stretch goals I've been working away at getting them finished up to go into the final book.

Thought now would be a good time to give a little preview of my plan for each of them. Obviously this will all get polished up by me and presented beautifully by Johan, but for now you'll just have to endure them in raw, coarse text.

For Hopesend I didn't want to just add more buildings and people to the town. Instead, as you'll see with all of the stretch goals, I wanted to add more content that would allow for a longer visit to the Fallen Marsh area, perhaps more of a self contained little campaign in itself rather than just a preface to getting to Bastion. But, I can't ignore the fact that Hopesend does exist, at least in part, to get the players over to the big city itself. 

The approach I'm taking, which should please both purposes is, a selection of ships that you'll find docked up in Hopesend each time you visit. They all offer the promise of passage to Bastion, but their crew and passengers spill out into Hopesend itself, giving it a slightly different flavour each time. 

As with so much of the content in this adventure location, things are painted in somewhat broad strokes to provide inspiration while leaving the fine details up to the Referee. Plenty of tables in the Oddpendium to help with that sort of thing. 


HOPESEND - Arrivals from Bastion

At any given time at least two ships from Bastion will be docked here. They don’t stay long. 

Roll d12 for each. 

1: Wavebreaker - Black ironclad waging a one ship war against the sea itself. Press-ganging new crew for its labyrinthine engine decks. 

2: Ever Autumn - Wealthy tourists terminally affected by plague enjoy a scenic tour of the Northern Waters. They look out through sealed windows, their nurses out seeking souvenirs. 


The Fallen Marsh already got a fair bit of expansion in the remaster, so for the extra spread I wanted to inject extra flavour and try to tie some of the more disparate elements together slightly. I realise this is dangerously close to adding canonical explanations for some of the stranger encounters, but I'm always prattling on about giving more information aren't I? This also doubles up as a way of giving some of the regular people you'll encounter on the marsh a bit of extra flavour and utility. In my experience, the Fallen Marsh really shines when you let the hex contents and random encounters really play off each other in unexpected ways, and this should help to encourage that. 


FALLEN MARSH - Marsh Myths

Anybody you meet in the Fallen Marsh knows at least a few myths, and will share them if they like you or want to scare you. They speak in fragments and riddles, but it’s all true, and they’ll even point you in the right direction. 

Roll d12 for each person you meet.

1: The White Sanctuary, taken by a thing from the depths of the night sky. They tried fire, acid, guns, but it always grew back, taking our brothers and sisters out of spite. (see Hex 24)

2: The Metal Man fell from the night sky into the ocean. Dragging itself to land it carried the carcass of a great Leviathan, leaving it as a trophy of its power. (see Hex 18 and Encounter 11)


And finally the Iron Coral itself obviously this is the one part that got a huge amount of extra stuff already, so I know I didn't just want to add more of the same. 

With the extra depths to explore, and more reason to dwell in the Fallen Marsh, I wanted to put something there for players that dare to return to the coral after their initial expedition. A little twist to make each visit slightly different and disorienting without being utter chaos. 


IRON CORAL - Echoes of the Iron Coral

The Coral changes with each passing day. When you enter the coral for the first time on any day after the first roll a d6. The Slope down from Room 0 on Level 1 leads to this Echo instead of Room 1.

Any other passages leading to Room 1, Level 1 take you there as normal, and you can still exit via the slope up to Room 0.  

Echo 1: Whispering Water

Vast Lake (comfortably warm, salty, incomprehensible whispering)
Dark Ceiling (faint star-like lights, disappear if you get too close)
North: Slope (up to 0)
East: Sound of waves lapping against stone (to Level 2, Room 20)
Special: Passing through the lake allows you to speak with any water-dwelling creatures for the rest of the day. 


Hope that gives a good sense of where this extra content is headed. If you haven't already then you can check out the full Kickstarter here.

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