Wednesday 22 April 2015

Non-Alien Cult Idols

Not everything is aliens.

 These cults base themselves on a site of great importance to their idol, and interfere in the lives of people that don't see their idol as a holy thing but just a thing. 

For every Cult there is at least one splinter group that believe they're worshiping their idol in the wrong way, and another that think idolising the thing at all is unholy.

Roll d100 to find out what a Cult idolises. It's up to you whether their idol is a legitimate higher power or not.

  1. A brightly coloured frog. 
  2. The concept of hunger and what it drives people to do. 
  3. A huge golden baby statue.  
  4. Another cult, who hate them.  
  5. The darkness between streetlamps.  
  6. Streetlamps.  
  7. The act of idolatry.  
  8. Peaceful discussion and tea.  
  9. Angry mobs, bigger means more holy.   
  10. Anyone who ever claims to have ruled Bastion in equal measure. 
  11. A very specific type of sweet wine.
  12. The process of carpentry. 
  13. Huge elk that live in the coldest parts of Deep Country.
  14. Their glass cathedral. 
  15. Triangles.
  16. Gunpowder.
  17. Scar-Maps.
  18. Kickboxing. 
  19. Absolute Nothingness.
  20. A set of symbols on an old rock that nobody can agree on the meaning of.
  21. Anything that can burn, but not the act of burning.
  22. Massacres.
  23. Every set of genitals in the world.
  24. Cloud Patterns.
  25. The gutter.
  26. Cosmetic Surgery.
  27. Smells, the more potent the better.
  28. Toxic flower extracts.
  29. Gruel.
  30. An obsolete pipe network underneath the city.
  31. Walls.
  32. Glass-blowing.
  33. Being beaten with sticks of bamboo.
  34. Great feats of strength.
  35. An ancient solved board-game.
  36. Answering a question with a question. 
  37. Anything that comes in a matched pair.
  38. Smashing things under a massive weight.
  39. The way oil separates from water.
  40. Monotone Singing.
  41. Properly written letters of complaint.
  42. Looking at things under microscope.
  43. Walking through a pool of treacle.
  44. Taxes.
  45. Guard Brutality.
  46. Net-Weaving.
  47. Telling exaggerated stories about distant lands.
  48. Broken compasses.
  49. Personal Hygiene. 
  50. Tiny blue berries that grow underground.
  51. A fossilised ape skeleton. 
  52. Over-feeding animals. 
  53. Crusty old man strapped to a chair.  
  54. The destruction of other cults.  
  55. Shadows cast by moonlight.  
  56. Disguising one's appearance.  
  57. Disproving other cults.  
  58. Drunken arguments.  
  59. Tiny animals, the smaller the more holy.   
  60. The recently dead from natural causes.  
  61. A bitter root that makes disgusting tea.
  62. Melting things. 
  63. Electric eels.
  64. A that they know has no significance, but that's sort of the point. 
  65. Smooth edges.
  66. The process of smoke-drying things.
  67. The cries of newborns.
  68. Blood-letting. 
  69. Literally everything.
  70. A set of holy numbers.
  71. Putting out fires.
  72. Mass syncronised births.
  73. Extracted brains.
  74. Staring into the sun until your eyes hurt and you start to see blurred things.
  75. The wealthy.
  76. The aging process.
  77. Cheese rind.
  78. Fragrant herbs.
  79. Caviar.
  80. The pattern formed by the road and canal network.
  81. Anything found underground.
  82. Building sand sculptures.
  83. Rubbing nettles on yourself and not being allowed to scratch.
  84. Mathematical prowess. .
  85. A game that seems to have entirely different rules each time.
  86. Only ever saying Yes or No. 
  87. Completely unique items, which turns out to be almost everything.
  88. Creating tiny models of things.
  89. Boiling things.
  90. Manic screeching and banging of drums.
  91. Vigilante Justice.
  92. Looking down at the world from a great height.
  93. Going deep underwater.
  94. Charity.
  95. Proper etiquette.
  96. Releasing captive animals to the wild.
  97. Calling people out on lies.
  98. Convincing people to go into the Polar Ocean to die.
  99. Becoming filthier and filthier. 
  100. Ridiculous outfits.

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