Wednesday 1 April 2015

d10 Generals of Bastion, and their Armies

When Bastion needs an army, at least two Generals will rally to the call. Make a WIL Save for each to see if they can resist the passive-aggressive put-downs of their supposed allies, otherwise a battle breaks out between forces before the enemy is even near.

1: Len Python - STR 16, 13hp, Flanged Mace (d8), Green Plate (1), Endless Black Beard. Wants somebody to invade Bastion so that he can defend it and earn glory.
The War Machine
3 Axe Blocks - 8hp, Pole Axe (d8), Snake Banners, Tin Whistles
2 Musket Blocks - 7hp, Musket (d8), Side-Axe (d6), Snake-Fang Helmets, Bagpipes.
Heavy Auxiliary - 6hp, Heavy Cannons (d12), Drums.

2: Arch-Bombardier Moyall - WIL 14, 17hp, Elephant Gun (d10), Perfect Sabre (d8), Deafening Voice. Wants her force to be feared so that she can sell her specially crafted cannons for a fortune.
Disaster Brigade
Foot Guard - 8hp, Sword (d6), Mirror-Shield Armour (1).
3 Light Thunder Batteries - 4hp, Two-Man Cannons (d10).
2 Heavy Thunder Batteries - 6hp, Main Cannons (d12), Ear-Protectors.

3: General Hinkle Orphanizer - DEX 4, 18hp, Matched Pistols (d8), Straight Sword (d6), Wants to murder people for a living and occasionally return to his quiet family life.
2nd All-Murder Regiment
4 Murder Crews - 6hp, Pistol (d6), Sword (d6), inhuman joy in killing.

4: Corporal Tramor Skin-Burner - STR 15, 13hp, Skinning-Sword (d6), Scatter-Gun (d8), Fire Bombs, Grotesque flaying details on Breastplate (1). Wants it all to be over so that she doesn't have to skin anyone else again.
The Skin-Burners
First Honoured Skinners - 12hp, Skinning Sword (d6), Skin-Banner, Thousand-Yard Stare.
3 Stalker Squads - 4hp, Pistol Brace (d8), Skinning Dagger (d6), Unsettlingly Young.

5: Bastion People's Legion - A Leaderless horde of disorganized mobs.
10 Chaotic Mobs - STR 8, 3hp, Assorted Guns and Arms (d8).

6: Top-Charger Whittle - WIL 18, 15hp. Heavy Pistol (d8), Horseman's Axe (d8), White Chest-Plate (1) and Thoroughbred Black Steed, flowing blonde hair adorned with silver pins. Wants to experience the glory of the hunt, but terrified of meeting anyone that will put up an even fight with her.
Ceaseless Horse Division
2 Heavy Horse - 7hp, Armour 2, Horse-Carbine (d8), Sabre (d6), Spectacular Peaked Hats.
3 Foot Musketeers - 5hp, Musket (d8), Bayonet (d6), Demeaning Floppy Hats.

7: Uriah Groll - WIL 14, 17hp, Musket (d8), Bayonet (d6), Boilerplate Armour (1), Back-Banner. Wants to prove that his Deep Country men can fight alongside Bastion's forces.
5th Deep Country Conscript Battalion
Country Gunners - 4hp, Assorted Guns (d8), Beating Sticks (d6).
2 Country Footmen - 4hp, Polearms (d8), Patchwork Banner
2 Country Militia - 3hp, Farming Tools (d6), Drums and Horns.

8: Professor Auder - WIL 14, 13hp. Military Baton (d6), Full Polished Plate (1), Binoculars, Stack of strategy manuals. Wants to create the perfect force and perfect her understanding of Strategy.
New First Class Military
2 Frontline Anvils - 4hp, Pike (d8), Breastplate and Helm (1), Black Uniform, Droning Horn.
2 Hammer Horse - 5hp, Horse, Cavalry Sabre (d6), Grey Uniform with Silver Detail.
3 Premier Gunline - 6hp, Musket (d8), Bayonet (d6), Black Uniform with Silver Detail.
Auxilliary Gunline - 4hp, Heavy Line-Guns (d10), Grey Uniform.
Support Gunline - 3hp, Light Cannons (d10), Signal Whistle., White Uniform with Silver Details
2 Dragoon Reserve - 7hp, Horse, Cavalry Sabre (d8), Musket (d8), Red Uniforms, Crested Helm.
Personal Guard - 4hp, Musket (d8), Bayonet (d6), White Uniform with Copper Detail.

9: First-Sword Lenzo - STR 17, 15hp. Darkened Steel Claymore (d8), Ancient Blue-Knight's Plate (1), Concealed Pistol (d6), heavily scarred face behind white veil, Wants to conscript even more troops to create the largest force in history, finally leading an attack on Bastion for herself.
The Uncounted
10 Forward Blocks - 3hp, Poleaxe (d8), Chained in Formation.
6 Support Blocks - 5hp, Musket (d8), Bayonet (d6), Manacles for Conscription.
4 Reserve Blocks - 8hp, Musket (d8), Whips.

10: Unbreakable Karloon - WIL 18, 17hp, Hacking Sword (d8), Bull-Steed (STR 18, 12hp, d10 Gore) Wants to being civility to the battlefield, and will strike anyone he sees orchestrating their forces in an immoral manner.
Green-Line Enforcers
2 Heavy Charger Teams - STR 13, 9hp, Horseman's Hammer (d8), Armoured Horse (2).
2 Heavy Gunners - 7hp, Extra-Loud Musket (d8), Clunky Plate Armour (1).

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