Wednesday 8 April 2015

Patreon Launch

Enjoy my blog content?
Having fun with Into the Odd, and craving new content?
Itching for the Odd World Toolkit to be released with even better art than the original game?
Wanting a chance to be sent mystery rewards each month?
Dreaming of a Hardback Into the Odd Complete Edition in the future?

Get aboard the SoogaGames Patreon Express, where all your dreams become reality. 

Why Patreon?
This way, all of my blogposts remain free to everyone, but those who enjoy the content can throw a coin in the tip jar and get a little something extra back. 

Why Now?
The Odd World Toolkit is coming along, but more budget means better art, not to mention exciting new side-projects like big fancy books more frequent Oddpendium releases with proper art and layout. 

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