Thursday 31 March 2022


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They wandered here and there, drawn out by sorrow

As old as the sun, as timid as a child

Mourning Spirit

STR 5, DEX 15, CHA 17, 3hp.
Flashes of despair (d8 blast), immaterial body (ignores normal weapons).

  • Lingers protectively around a place tied to past sorrows
  • Grants visions of the past sorrows, but only to those who come with peace and humility
  • Repelled by earth from a burial mound, or any funerary imagery

Their World

  • Islands within the mist of time
  • The mourned past can be seen as readily as the now
  • None can die there, but any that leave gain the Burden:
    Haunted: Destroy a part of the past which haunts you.*



  1. Robed 
  2. Skeletal
  3. Rotund
  4. Knightly
  5. Childish
  6. Amorphous


  1. Glow 
  2. Frost 
  3. Fire 
  4. Mist 
  5. Shadow 
  6. Water

*Burdens now function slightly differently to my previous iteration. If you have 3 or more Burdens you are considered Unready, and Burdens can (generally) only be removed by fulfilling their specific requirements. In this case you must "Destroy a part of the past which haunts you".


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