Wednesday 6 April 2022


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Each Knight has a Shortsword (2d4), Mace (d6), or Axe (d6).

Riding horse (3hp), torches, rope, and dry travel rations.

Specific Knights also receive:

Holdings: The things they own and have access to.

Myths: The truths which are known.


The Moss Knight

The tree and stone did not need to be taught This one knew to study under them


  • Wooden Buckler (A1 in Melee)
  • Bag of assorted animal bones
  • Tattoos (see below)


  • Can speak with uncut stones, but they talk very slowly and are extremely literal
  • When spending the night under a tree it shares a useful vision through dreams, and grants restful sleep
  • After spending a night inside, take the Burden: Stifled: Spend the night in untamed nature.


1. Faded Black
2. Deep Blue
3. Raised Silver
4. Pale Green
5. Scarred Red
6. Burnt Copper

1. Branching Spirals
2. Tangled Thorns
3. Curved Stars
4. Horned Snakes
5. Twisted Bones
6. Flaming Rings

The Gilded Knight

A beacon of the brave and bold All cloaked and masked in shining gold


  • Gold-coloured armour with cloak and masked helm (A1, bulky, opponents who know the value of gold have their first ever attack against you Impaired)
  • Illuminator Globes (cast bright light for a few moments when broken, can be replenished at a secret source)
  • Take the Burden: Symbol: Pass your golden armour onto a worthy successor


  • When Wounded, all allies fighting alongside regain d6hp
  • When they gain financial wealth, take the Burden: Unworthy: Be rid of your financial wealth
  • When slain, the armour must be cast into darkness. A new Gilded Knight emerges when they are most needed

The Cost

How long has the armour been worn?
1. Days
2. Weeks
3. Months
4. Years
5. Decades
6. For all memory

What was left behind?
1. A Farm 
2. A Crown
3. Only Graves
4. A Student
5. A Teacher
6. A Castle

The Willow Knight

The senior knights fought the storm, falling as broken bones The youth was thrown about, but arose in the calm


  • Youthful energy (can be Shattered like a shield)
  • Replace Riding Horse with an Old Grey Charger (1hp, d6 trample)
  • Lyre (only knows sad songs)


  • As long as they are not wearing Armour any attack dice rolled against them are discarded if they show their highest possible result. Shields do not count as Armour for this purpose.
  • Elders won’t take them seriously at all until their worth is proven.
  • If not carrying any Bulky items they can choose to automatically pass any Save to avoid physical harm, taking the Burden: Unproven: Prove you are worthy being a Knight. 

Memories of Home

1. Riverside
2. Coast
3. Mountain
4. Pine Forest
5. Moor
6. Castle

1. Death
2. War
3. Famine
4. Plague
5. Fire
6. Flood


  1. Nice! These are right out of Malory

  2. This is part of the medieval experiment? Love it, especially the Willow Knight. Unrelated to this post: are you planning on restocking Electric Bastionland with Exalted Funeral any time soon?

    1. Yeah these are from that project, and I'm working on Exalted Funeral, hopefully have some news on that soon.