Thursday 3 March 2022


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Just some disjointed ideas today. Messing around with something ITO/EB based. Presented without any further context.

UNREADY: Characters who are caught unprepared, helpless, or  off-guard are Unready, and have 0hp until they ready themselves. Traps usually catch their victims Unready.

BULKY: Bulky weapons require two hands to wield. Anybody carrying 3 or more bulky items is considered Unready.

BURDENS: Characters can acquire Burdens on their soul. These count as a Bulky item. 

RECOVERY: HP is Refreshed by a moment of calm, wiping away the mud and blood. Ability Scores are Restored by a full week of recuperation under warm hospitality. Burdens are Relieved by completing a Quest or taking full season of reflection or indulgence. Other opportunities for recovery may present themselves but carry a cost. 

THE UPPER HAND: Where one side gains an advantage, the Referee grants the most appropriate bonus: +d6: Petty gambit (thrown dust) +d8: Tactical exploit (defensible position) +d10: Ruthless ploy (disarmed target) +d12: Overwhelming force (demon blood)

DIRE STROKE: Before rolling, an attacker can declare a Dire Stroke, making a brutal and ruthless assault. They gain +d10 to their attack but take a Burden. If they shatter their weapon in the process, increase this to +d12.

CATCHING BLOW: When an armed, clawed, or adequately monstrous attacker rolls the maximum possible number on any of their damage die they strike a Catching Blow. The effect depends on whether the attack is Evaded, causes a Scar, Wound, or a Critical Wound. 

EVADED - The target is driven onto their back or into a disadvantageous position. 
SCARRED - The target is enraged and gets +d10 to their next attack.
WOUNDED - The target bleeds, losing a further d6 STR at the end of their next turn unless they stop the flow. 
CRITICAL - The target is slain in a most bloody manner. 

SHATTERED ARMOUR: A combatant can automatically pass a STR Save to avoid a Critical Wound if they declare their shield or armour to be shattered beyond use. This must be declared before the Save is rolled.


  1. I like it! Will def steal the burden-rule.

  2. Burdens is very Lord of the Rings. Especially the recovery bit...

    1. Still not sure if the "season of reflection or indulgence" thing is too silly, but the quest thing will make a little more sense as I finish up that section.

  3. With all of this inventory stuff, maybe there's even less need for Stats, I mean, more gear makes it harder to exert yourself, dodge stuff, do delicate tasks, more burdens sap your willpower.

  4. Unready is something I have been using for traps in my EB-esque games. Traps don't have any threat if they just take a chunk of HP.