Thursday 11 June 2020

Teen Island - Print & Play

I mentioned recently that back in the 2000s I designed three solo/cooperative games that I didn't quite know how to categorise. They weren't RPGs or boardgames, but had elements of each. Looking back, I think they're much closer to a boardgame, but still not quite. I'm going to just lump them in with Print & Play games.

And since we're all still stuck inside I thought it would be a good time to revise them for release. 

You can grab it for free over on It prints nicely in booklet mode as a 16 page A5 game.

Going back to revise old games is always interesting. There are lots of no-brainer decisions like making the rules read more clearly and using gender-neutral pronouns (I was really bad at this in my early games) but it's also an opportunity to file down some of the rough edges of the design. Some of the events have been tweaked to keep things interesting, and I've chopped off a few of the clunkier mechanics (Crushes and Couples are now combined into one thing, which sort of fits the theme of awkward teenagers). 

I'll be running a solo game over on Bastionland Broadcasts soon, so keep an eye out for that. There are also two more print & play games that I'll be putting out as similar free releases soon.

Until then, good luck keeping your castaways alive, and do your best to escape.

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