Tuesday 16 June 2020

Dissident Whispers

Just a couple of weeks ago there was the start of a plan to release an adventure compendium in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now it's a real thing you can buy. There are two Electric Bastionland adventures in there, one of which is written by me. There are over fifty adventures total, each spanning a two page spread, but really by now you should know enough to see that it's a must-buy

Click the image to get info on where to buy it. 

I'll also be interrupting your regular Bastionland Broadcast tonight (9pm BST) to scour through the book and pick out some of the highlights. 

1 comment:

  1. Have just been looking at your review on YouTube. Good stuff. Particularly appreciated you pointing out the inspiration and value you can get just from getting a good idea or method or mechanic on how to run something that you can employ in your next game, or seeing the variety of layouts out there, and picking up ideas to use in one’s own works, even if you can’t see yourself running some of the stuff as presented. I haven’t finished looking at your review, but was impressed by the variety in the package so far.