Wednesday 19 August 2015

The Mockra

The Mockra is easily in the top ten stupidest things anyone in Bastion has decided to build. It has many mock-heads attached to one mock-body and the result is always ridiculous.

But people just can't let it go. Each time the creature is destroyed, somebody thinks they can make a better one. 

Roll d20 to see what the hell they did for a body this time. This gives the thing it's STR, DEX, and Armour. The body is always just big enough to support the number of heads.

d20 Bodies
  1. Gnarled Tree. STR 10, DEX 0, Armour 3. 
  2. Lumbering Armoured Dino-body with long necks. STR 18, DEX 3, Armour 3.  
  3. Soft-Footed Dog. STR 15, DEX 12, Armour 1. 
  4. Powered Wagon. STR 16, DEX 3, Armour 3. 
  5. Snake Body STR 13, DEX 12, Armour 1. 
  6. Pile of Goo with heads just poking out. STR 12, DEX 12, Armour 1. 
  7. Big starfish STR 15, DEX 12, Armour 1. 
  8. Crustacean STR 12, DEX 10, Armour 2. 
  9. Majestic Eagle STR 12, DEX 18, Armour 1. 
  10. Scorpion. STR 15, DEX 16, Armour 2. 
  11. Snail. STR 13, DEX 6, Armour 2. 
  12. Classic Dragonlike Body. STR 15, DEX 12, Armour 2. 
  13. Pile of shaggy hair. STR 16, DEX 12, Armour 1. 
  14. Giant hunched primate. STR 14, DEX 14, Armour 1. 
  15. Turkey-like Fowl. STR 11, DEX 12, Armour 1. 
  16. Wyvern-like Flying Serpent. STR 14, DEX 15, Armour 1. 
  17. Big Cat. STR 15, DEX 18, Armour 1. 
  18. Red and Elephant-Like. STR 17, DEX 6, Armour 2. 
  19. Mechanical Spider. STR 15, DEX 12, Armour 3. 
  20. Bloated Toad. STR 13, DEX 6, Armour 2. 

Each turn it can decide to attack in one of three ways.
  1. Body Attack if it has one.
  2. Individual head attacks against different targets.
  3. Combined head attacks against one target for d12 damage. Requires at least 3 heads capable of attacking.  
It has 3d6 heads and 10hp plus one more for each additional head.

Roll d100 for each head. Each has a personality and attack of its own. They are all monstrous in size, regardless of the creature it's based upon.

The first head you roll is currently the lead-head. This head has control of the body and can silence the other heads. The heads can vote in a new lead-head at any time with the lead-head breaking ties. The Lead-Head gives the thing its WIL Score.

When an attack causes Critical Damage the Mockra is not defeated, but one head is destroyed. When half the heads are dead it withers up and dies.
A surviving Mockra with empty necks will dedicate its life to finding replacement heads.
Duplicates form a little clique away from the other heads.

d100 Heads
  1. Gorilla WIL 10, Bite d6, Wants to Establish Dominance.  
  2. Tiger WIL 14, Bite d8. Wants to engage in finery. 
  3. Polar Bear WIL 6, Bite d8, Wants to feast. 
  4. Fox WIL 15, Bite d6, Wants to deceive. 
  5. Camel WIL 16, Butt d4, Wants to have a simple life.  
  6. Swan WIL 13, Peck d6, Wants to be recognised as the best.  
  7. Fly WIL 5. Acid Spray d8 (blast). Wants to see everything close up.   
  8. Dragon WIL 18, Bite d8, Fire d10 (blast). Wants to sleep.  
  9. Skull WIL 15, Butt d6, Wants to be given flesh.  
  10. Bloodied Stump WIL 4, Whack d4.
  11. Monkey WIL 4, Bite d6, Wants to have everything explained.  
  12. Panther WIL 12, Bite d8, Wants to be left alone.  
  13. Moose WIL 10, Gore d8, Wants to take things very seriously.  
  14. Mouse WIL 6, Bite d4, Wants to horde tiny things.  
  15. Komodo Dragon WIL 10, Bite d8 and d6 STR loss on Critical Damage, Wants to see the world.  
  16. Shark WIL 10, Bite d10, Wants to devour.  
  17. Mosquito WIL 6, Bite d4 and d6 STR loss on Critical Damage, Wants to drink blood.  
  18. Sabretooth WIL 10, Bite d6, Wants to be trusted as a genuinely good being.  
  19. Tulip WIL 10. Wants to be admired. 
  20. Living Shield WIL 10. Wants to Protect.
  21. Mandrill WIL 6, Bite d8, Wants to sow chaos.  
  22. Python WIL 14, Bite d8 and constrict for d6 STR loss on Critical Damage, Wants to earn your trust and then bite you. 
  23. Mammoth WIL 12, Gore d10, Wants to be remembered.  
  24. Badger WIL 8, Bite d6, Wants to find a nice home. 
  25. Vulture WIL 14, Peck d6, Wants to seek out the dead.  
  26. Eel WIL 10, Bite d6, Wants to give ruthless advice.  
  27. Mantis WIL 16, Bite d6, Wants to attract a mate and betray them.  
  28. Venus Flytrap WIL 2, Bite d8, Wants to eat what it can.  
  29. Bellows WIL 2, Air Blast (no damage but blows things), Wants to blow.  
  30. Scorpion Tail WIL 0, Sting d6 and d6 STR loss on Critical Damage, Wants to sting.  
  31. White Ape WIL 10, Bite d8, Wants to be reunited with the creator.   
  32. Elephant WIL 16, Gore d8, Wants to honour the dead.  
  33. Rockhopper Penguin WIL 6, Peck d4, Wants to argue and fight.  
  34. Viper WIL 7, Bite d6 and d6 DEX loss on Critical Damage, Wants you to betray all of your ethics.  
  35. White Horse WIL 12, Bite d4, Wants to be adored.  
  36. Catfish WIL 4, Wants to stay out of the way.  
  37. Beetle WIL 4, Bite d6, Wants to create fortification.  
  38. Sunflower WIL 10. Wants to bring happiness to the world.  
  39. Feeding Pump WIL 2, Discharges a satisfying slime. Wants to feed you.
  40. Muscle-Arm WIL 4, Punch d10, Wants to punch and grab.  
  41. Clay-Bust WIL 10. Wants to be moulded into a more attractive shape.  
  42. Black Bear WIL 9, Bite d8, Wants to attract human companionship.  
  43. Reindeer WIL 12, Gore d8, Wants to distribute gifts.   
  44. Magpie WIL 16, Peck d4, Wants to collect shiny things.  
  45. Donkey WIL 6, Bite d4, Wants anything other than to be laughed at.  
  46. Turtle WIL 15, Bite d6, Wants to be loved.  
  47. Lobster WIL 12. Wants to go back underwater. 
  48. Glowing Energy-Ball WIL 15, Zap d6 (Ignoring Armour), Wants to become organic.  
  49. Giraffe WIL 11, Butt d6, Wants to get higher.  
  50. Goat WIL 19, Butt d6, Knows secrets about the other heads.  
  51. Wizened Old Man WIL 16, Wants to give cryptic advice.  
  52. Toucan WIL 8, Peck d4, Wants to carry out annoying pranks.  
  53. Zebra WIL 10, Bite d4. Wants to convince you not to eat him.  
  54. Pigeon WIL 10. Wants to be free of the Mockra.   
  55. Buffalo WIL 7, Gore d6, Wants to boss you around.  
  56. Tortoise WIL 16, Wants to live forever.  
  57. Caterpillar WIL 4. Wants to eat and eat until it turns into a butterfly.  
  58. T-Rex WIL 5, Bite d10, Wants to rule the world.  
  59. Pelican WIL 8, Beak d6, Wants to swallow tiny beings whole.  
  60. Eagle WIL 17, Beak d8, Wants to ensure high standards. 
  61. Blind Old Woman WIL 14. Wants to trick people into wronging her, then drop a curse on them.  
  62. Ostrich WIL 5, Peck d4, Wants to 
  63. Parrot WIL 7, Bite d6, Wants to mimic you.  
  64. Toad WIL 5. Wants to amass wealth.  
  65. Kangaroo WIL 10, Bite d4, Wants to fight honourably.  
  66. Platypus WIL 10. Wants to gather more heads.  
  67. Triceratops WIL 7, Gore d10, Wants to hire you for a job.  
  68. Worm WIL 4, Wants to assess every detail.  
  69. Slug WIL 8, Digest d6, Wants to slowly explain things.  
  70. Human Baby WIL 5, Wants to creep you out.  
  71. Warthog WIL 10, Tusk d6, Wants to eat disgusting things.  
  72. Emperor Penguin WIL 15, Peck d6, Wants to be recognised as ruler.  
  73. Mole WIL 10, Wants to get deeper underground.  
  74. Crocodile WIL 13, Bite d8, Wants to make friends.  
  75. Wombat WIL 10, Wants to sleep.  
  76. Chicken WIL 9, Peck d4, Wants to run away from danger. 
  77. Pteradactyl WIL 6, Beak d8, Wants to collect fish for its non-existent young. 
  78. Anteater WIL 15, Wants to eat ants. 
  79. Dolphin WIL 15, Bite d6, Wants to prove how clever it is.  
  80. Featureless Human Head WIL 11, Copies the features of whoever talks to it.  
  81. Meerkat WIL 7, Bite d4, Wants to relax.   
  82. Walrus WIL 14, Tusk d6, Wants to witness and discuss death. 
  83. Hunting Hound WIL 7, Bite d6, Wants to hunt small animals. 
  84. Koala WIL 16, Bite d6, Wants to commit murder.  
  85. Wolf  WIL 11, Bite d6, Wants to be dramatic.  
  86. Flamingo WIL 6, Beak d4, Wants to find peace and quiet.  
  87. Ferret WIL 5, Bite d6, Wants to get you close then bite you.  
  88. Statue-Head WIL 10, Butt d8, Wants to crack jokes.   
  89. Otter WIL 10, Bite d6, Wants to play.  
  90. Brutish Human WIL 7, Bite d6, Wants to out-animal the animals.  
  91. Rhino WIL 7, Gore d8, Wants to debate, but loses temper instantly.   
  92. Baby Seal WIL 4, Wants to see you suffer.  
  93. Rat WIL 12, Bite d6, Wants to survive.  
  94. Crane WIL 15, Beak d4, Wants to enlighten the crude.  
  95. Hummingbird WIL 7, Beak d6, Wants to collect sweet things. 
  96. Peacock WIL 11, Beak d4, Wants to be flattered.  
  97. Antelope WIL 8, Bite d4, Wants to have freedom. 
  98. Capybara WIL 10, Bite d4, Wants to be taken seriously.   
  99. Puffin WIL 6, Wants to avoid danger. 
  100. Guard Dog WIL 12, Bite d8, Wants to be rewarded. 

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  1. Great!
    I've seen the first pic last week and I'm writing a scenario with a creature (the Surgeon) that creates abominations.
    This can be really useful now!