Tuesday 18 August 2015

Sullendrome (Also On Small Posts and Patreon)

Did you notice that since I started the Patreon I've been posting fewer entries?

It's mostly coincidence. I've had less free time for writing, and the more I progress with the Odd World Toolkit, the more daunting each entry becomes.

But also I don't want to throw out a tiny post like this and have my generous supporters feel cheated. Even worse, I absolutely don't want people paying for non-gameable posts of disconnected thoughts.

So I'm going to try to post more, but each post will be assessed by my completely impartial eye, and I'll decide whether I want it to be Patreon-Funded Content, or if I'm just throwing it out as a freebie like in my old days in the underground blogsphere. If you're keeping checks on such things, the Patreon page will list what's paid and what's free.

So with that in mind here's an unfunded post with no promises to quality.


A huge grey-glass dome fell on Bastion, crushing six boroughs and damning them to eternal shade.

It's all ruined old city, overgrown with bits of the Underground that have started to rise. There's no good reason to go in there. It's just a joyless place full of miserable things.

Everything appears in greyscale.

The Malaise kicks in as soon as you get under the dome.  That backache feels worse than it was before. Your hair won't sit straight. You're hungry but don't fancy anything in particular.

The Sorrow overcomes you the first time you see a corpse, and there are lots of them lying around in here. You feel very aware of your mortality, and while you're in the Sullendrome you count as having 0hp. This means any damage comes straight off your STR, and could potentially be critical. The good news is that this affects everyone else in here too.

The Despair comes if you awaken under the dome (whether from sleep or unconsciousness). All of your Ability Scores are halved, rounding up. You feel certain that you're going to die.

Bishop Malanco - Slender Old Bore
STR 8, DEX 5, WIL 7, 0hp. Impractical Claw-Mace (d4), Grey-Painted Face, Grey Priest Regalia.
- Drone out a soul-crushing sermon on how we deserve to live under the dome.
- Put out a call to the day-city (Bastion) for all sinners to come home to Sullendrome.
- Paint depressing artwork in black paint.

The Big Dim - Elephant-like Mutant
STR 9, DEX 2, WIL 2, 0hp, Fists (d10), Huge Body and Rough Hide (2).
- Blast a sad noise from his trunk-like nose.
- Seek the approval of Bishop Malanco.
- Exaggerate a tragic backstory when he's really just a mutant from the Underground that got lost.

Sour-Men - Grumpy Men-at-Arms
STR 5, DEX 5, WIL 5, 0hp, Footman's Axe (d6), Heavy Chain Armour with Sad-Face Shield (1).
- Stop anyone from leaving the dome.
- Beckon new people into the dome.
- Become instantly demotivated when doing anything, calling in a Greydove to do it.

Greydoves - Wailing Wretches.
STR 2, DEX 5, WIL 5, 0hp. Grey Robes.
- Encourage any sinners to join their number so that they might one day be forgiven.
- Show a spark of pleasure as they discuss how they will kill themselves.
- Prepare modest tombs and talk enviously of the dead.

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