Friday 28 August 2015

The Crusade - Hellspace

I haven't talked about Hellspace for a while. It's still bubbling away in the background, largely unformed, while I work on the Odd World Supplement. 

The Crusade 

Hark! Child of Humanity. And hear the first truth you've ever heard. 

We are the human philosophy, because everyone else has been tainted by demons or worship. 

We commanded that Godmachine deliver us to humanity's promised home, and here we are. Now we must do our part and take the fight to these demonic squatters. 

d6 Famous Crusaders

1: Gog Megnon - Crusader Raid Leader (3)

Gear: Powered Axe and Shield, Voice Amp, Secret Demon Mind-Implant
- Carry out a Medieval Solution
- Lead Others to their Deaths (+1)
- Secretly Consort with Demons

2: Parsonus Rekt - Paranoid Preacher (1)

Gear: Bear-Helm, Electric Sword. 
- Carry out a Medieval Solution
- Summon Demonic Images, and Blame Others (+1)

3: Kutter Fracto - Angelic Demon-Slayer (2)

Gear: Demon-Killing-Sword, Angel Suit with Wings. 
- Carry out a Medieval Solution (+1)
- Boast about his Prowess. 

4: Render Dymo - Death-Machine Builder (2)

Gear: Powered Armour, Red Cloak, Dangerous Tools. 
- Carry out a Medieval Solution
- Create an unreliable combat robot
- Bemoan the weakness of flesh (+1)

5: Hunnibul - Mutated Beast-Man (2)

Gear: Big Hammer, Horn, Rags. 
- Carry out a Medieval Solution
- Crush and Gore (+1)
- Preach the Diversity of New Humanity

6: Arsun Pike - Hellspace Prospector (1)

Gear: Survival-Suit, Loud Gun. 
- Carry out a Medieval Solution
- Find the worst parts of Hellspace (+1)

Creating a Crusader Character


- Carry out a Medieval Solution
Gear: Take a crested/horned/spiked helmet, and choose one of the following:
- Impractical Melee Weapon.
- Primitive Demon Detection Device.
- Monstrous Body Mod.

Roll 1d6 again for your second Move.
1: Mythkeeper- Tell a Relevant Fable
2: Soldier- Follow Orders
3: Hunter- Think Like your Prey
4: Unveiler- Sniff Out Demonic Things
5: Warsmith- Make anything into a brutal Weapon
6: Chaplain- Prove your Faith in humanity. 

Finally, roll d66 on the Wildcard table as usual.

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