Monday 8 June 2015

To Be a Bonehead

Boneheads don't need Godmachine. It got us this far, but it's clearly just a busted piece of machinery. Idiot worshipers interpret every engine rumble or flickering light as holy scripture, and throw our most valuable salvage back into the Forges for nothing in return. We're better off on our own.

If you're really going it alone, don't be breathing in that air Godmachine is pumping out. Or eating the food from its filthy Forges. We've got to be ready to leap out into Hellspace as soon as that machine finally malfunctions and starts to burn us all alive.

It's a simple operation.

You won't eat or drink or breathe again, but you aren't free until you've felt the hot wind of Hellspace on your naked skull. 

We are the most human because we thrive without reliance on Godmachine. 

d6 Famous Boneheads

1: Tor - Self-Proclaimed Bonehead Emperor (3)
- Rage Against a Machine
- Whittle on about Bonehead Philosophy (+1)
- Unify the Boneheads
Gear: Baroque suit of Armour, self-written scripture on the Bonehead philosophy.

2: Archiferous Thunk - Bonehead Ark-Hull-Crawler (2)
- Rage Against a Machine
- Salvage Scrap from the Ark's Hull (+1)
Gear: Heavy Metal Space-Suit with Grip Claws.

3: Slim Pickins - Bonehead Fashionista Assassin (2)
- Rage Against a Machine
- Become the Center of Attention (+1)
- Carry Out a Dirty Kill
Gear: Implausibly fancy outfit containing multiple hidden weapons.

4: Ultra-Chakka - Drunk Bonehead Prizefighter (3)
- Rage Against a Machine
- Lament the Fate of Humanity (+1)
- Take a Beating
Gear: Antique Spear and Shield.

5: Scrabbleback - Enthusiastically Brutish Bonehead Recruiter (3)
- Rage Against a Machine (+1)
- Sniff Out Faith in the Godmachine
- Beat Someone into Agreement
Gear: Heavy club.

6: Burnun Ruff - Angry Bonehead Firestarter (3)
- Rage Against a Machine
- Light the Place Up (+1)
- Tell a Great Fire-Related Story
Gear: Flamethrower, reflective goggles.

Here's a peek at the Bonehead character section in Hellspace. Along with the Wildcard table, this gives you most of your character info.

Move: Rage Against a Machine
Gear: Take a skull for a head, removing the need to breathe, eat, or drink, and choose one:
  1. Talking Spare-Skull.
  2. Extra-fancy Costume.
  3. EMP Bomb.
Roll 1d6 again for the second part of your tag, and your second Move.
  1. Activist
  • Annoy Somebody
  1. Preacher
  • Prove you Don’t Need the Godmachine
  1. Blackmarketeer
  • Use your Contacts to Get Something
  1. Gadgeteer
  • Throw Something Together from Scrap
  1. Survivalist
  • Get Through a Real Nasty Place
  1. Extremist
  • Act like a Primal beast 

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