Wednesday 10 June 2015

A Gazer Manifesto

Being a Gazer isn't about gazing. It's about seeing. But we aren't seers, we just feel it, y'know?

It's really all about gazing. Just put yourself facing in the right direction, trust in StarryNight, and it'll all become clear.

But we don't gaze. We don't even really see. It's like the things you can't see just go into our minds and then they become real, so we can see them. But you can't look at them.

StarryNight knows our minds better than we do so the only truth is to open up your mind to him. And we do that by gazing.

He brought us to Hellspace, and Hellspace is full of Demons, so really aren't we Demons too? But you can't Gaze into Hellspace. You have to go out there and become a part of it yourself. There's something out there that StarryNight wants us to go and perceive so we have to find it.

And we do that by gazing.

1d6 Famous Gazers
1: Morpherbella - Gazer Socialite (2)
- Look Beyond Reality
- Be Enigmatically Compelling (+1)
- Go Into a Biting Frenzy
Gear: Neon Ballgown, Holo-Parasol.

2: Mel Tadcat - Gazer Stim-Pusher (3)
Look Beyond Reality
- Pressure a New Customer into Stim Use (+1)
- Run Crying to her Boss
Gear: Headache-Inducing Black and White Spacesuit, Metal Fists, Loads of Stims.

3: Emprah Sar- Prodigious Philosopher (3)
Look Beyond Reality
- Make Vaguely Profound Statements (+1)
- Act Like a Spoiled Brat
Gear: Purple and Gold Spacesuit, Holo-Rod. 

4: Moment - Gazer Petty Thief (2)
Look Beyond Reality (+1)
- Pickpocket Someone
- Appear Pathetic
Gear: Pink and purple spacesuit, bloodshot eyes, stim-shakes. 

5: Gummi Lan - Gazer Hellspace Explorer (3)
Look Beyond Reality
- Push Deeper into Hellspace
- Consort with Demons (+1)
Gear: White Spacesuit, Demon Pipes,

6: Sammy Nostrox - Earthborn Gazer Legend (3)
Look Beyond Reality
- Twist Mechanical Body into an Unnatural Shape
- Do Nothing (+1)
Gear: Rainbow spacesuit, stim-smoke-tent, mostly mechanical body. 

Here's what you get for being a Gazer. 

Move: Look Beyond Reality

Gear: Take a brightly painted spacesuit, and choose one of the following:
  1. Mind-Altering Stims.
  2. Exotic but Stupid Artificial Pet.
  3. Droning Instrument.

Roll 1d6 again for the second part of your tag, and your second Move.
  1. Interpreter
  • Make Sense out of a Pattern
  1. Consorter
  • Make Sense of a Demon
  1. Chemist
  • Find the Right Stim
  1. Noisemaker
  • Create Sensory Distortion
  1. Charger
  • Get a Vision from an Electrical Current
  1. Prophet-Hunter

  • See the Truth about Someone


  1. Seems more and more interesting. I liked a lot the old Arkbound version, but this seems even better... I hope there will be a playtest version soon.