Tuesday 9 June 2015

Being Arkbound

Arkbound know that humanity's best chance of survival is to stay on the Ark.

Some people say that the big ideologies of the Ark don't fit onto a spectrum.

We drew a diagram to disprove that.

As you can see, Arkbound are correct in two ways, being both pro-Godmachine and anti-Demon. Every other ideology is incorrect in at least one way. The burden of our correctness is that we fully support everyone's right to their own ideology. The burden of their incorrectness is that they must follow our imperative to stay aboard the Ark and provide fuel for Godmachine.

If we can get enough fuel to the forges the Ark will jump again, and Hellspace will just be a nightmare we woke from.

Our ranks and uniforms give humanity comfort through structure.
Our swords are a symbol of our dedication to peace.

We are the most human because we want a united humanity to survive together.

1d6 Famous Arkbound

1: Clarity Cox - Arkbound Investigator (3)
Moves- Enforce a Rigid Structure
- Spot a Lie (+1)
- Leave a Bad ImpressionGear: Black uniform, concealed shortsword, leap-boots.

2: Enforcer Eden - Weary Arkbound Enforcer (2)
Moves- Enforce a Rigid Structure
- Draw on a Bad Experience of Humanity
- Maintain good relations with enemies (+1)Gear: Brown uniform, copper sword, blast-glove. 

3: Satch Riza - Champion Duellist (3)
Moves- Enforce a Rigid Structure
- Overpower an opponent in a duel (+1)
- Use his Reputation for Mercilessness
Gear: Ceramic Armour and shield, blunted sword.

4:  Terrence Brig - Arkbound Outer-Patrol Captain (2)
Moves- Enforce a Rigid Structure
- Spot a Runaway (+1)
- Pilot in the Ark's ShadowGear: Interceptor ship, curved sword, stun-pistol, flying ace novels. 

5:  Lilly Mars - Arkbound Shepherd (2)
Moves - Enforce a Rigid Structure
- Bring Somebody Back to the Ark (+1)
- Gamble a Big StakeGear: White Uniform, shortsword, weird dice games. 

6:  Belus Balix - Reformed Bonehead Drill-Sergeant (3)
Moves- Enforce a Rigid Structure (+1)
- Break Recruits
- Speak of Visions from GodmachineGear: Video-mask over bondhead, heavy swords and jacked arms. 

Here's what you get for being Arkbound. 

Move: Enforce a Rigid Structure
Gear: Take a coloured uniform and sword, and choose one of the following:
  1. Extra fancy uniform.
  2. Extra fancy sword.
  3. Life-Scanner.
Roll 1d6 again for the second part of your tag, and your second Move.
  1. Enforcer
  • Use force to calm things down.
  1. Pursuer
  • Chase down a fugitive.
  1. Forge Feeder
  • Claim a Sacrifice for the Forge.
  1. Officer
  • Boss around somebody below you.
  1. Advocate
  • Demonstrate the Dangers of Leaving the Ark
  1. Duellist
  • Demonstrate your superior skill with a sword.

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