Tuesday 30 December 2014

9 Things to Remember about Deep Country

Deep Country Lost
It wasn't really a contest. Bastion industrialised, grew, and sucked in the majority of the population for its factories and terraces. Noble estates lie abandoned, towns are left with a handful of residents, and once prosperous cities cling to the last of their prestige, cursing Bastion from afar.

Deep Country is Quiet
You can never find somebody when you want to, but when you want to be alone you're sure to bump into somebody on a remote trail. Nobody's around to help you.

What Happens in Deep Country Stays in Deep Country
Bastion doesn't care what happens out here. You won't have heard about all the latest happenings, and any misdeeds you get up to are unlikely to follow you back to the city.

Deep Country is Wild
Civilisation is the exception out here. The few towns and cities are dwarfed by windy moors, dank swamps, craggy hills, and towering woods. The local wildlife can get pretty interesting too, so bring an Elephant gun.

Deep Country is Big
Near Bastion there are canals, roads, and even some rails. As you go deeper, the trails get narrower, and the towns further apart. Folk out here don't move around much, so don't expect an easy trail.

Deep Country Looks After Its Own
People here are self-sufficient, growing much of their own food and making their own clothes. If you want to buy something, money won't always cut it. If it comes down to your word against that of a local, don't expect much support.

Deep Country is Stuck in the Past
Industrialism didn't really make it out here yet. Expect to see crossbows and axes as much as muskets and pikes. Local militias might even use swords and shields, just like old times!

Deep Country is Odd
Customs are weird here, and totally different two towns over. If you don't know how to act, and how to speak, you'll be the one that seems odd. One town might be an isolationist fortress, another a communist haven, and the next home to a moon cult.

Deep Country is Slow
It isn't just travel that takes a long time. If you need a doctor, you'll have to walk up a hill to his house. If you want to build a house, you'd better get settled in. People tend to like things the way they are.

Deep Country is a Haven
Anyone choosing to move out here is hiding from something. You'd be surprised how many people out here weren't born into the country life.

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