Tuesday 30 December 2014

10 Things to Remember about the Golden Lands

The Golden Lands are New

Expeditions have been there, but barely scratched the surface. It's a huge, un-mapped continent there to be explored. You'll be placing the first footprints most places you go.

The Golden Lands Pull You In

The continent wants to be explored. Hazards are unlikely to block your progress, but will draw you in and grind you down. It's easy to push further and further into unexplored territory, but every step takes its toll on your expedition.

The Golden Lands are Beautiful

Sparkling blue sands, ivory grass ten feet high, and waterfalls that fall from the clouds. There isn't much back in civilisation that can match the sights out here.

The Golden Lands are Full of Opportunity

Treasures of both great value and unmatched power are hidden here, according to rumour and prophecy. Any dangers are far outmatched by the potential gains to be found by the bold.

Everything you Heard about The Golden Lands is True

No expeditions seems to land at the same point on this continent. If they came back with a story, it was probably true. That doesn't mean you'll have the same experience on your journey, though.

The Golden Lands Don't Make Sense

Baking clay-planes border snow-covered forests. Rivers twist up mountainsides, and even the stars look different out here. Forget everything you thought you knew about the world.

The Golden Lands are Preserved

Whatever civilisation might have existed here is frozen in death. Marble cities barely gather dust, and rusted machinery remains in perfect working order.

The Golden Lands Have a Purpose

There's a reason so many cults are obsessed with this land. Any supernatural beings that have tampered with this world seem to have left most of their secrets here.

The Golden Lands are a Force of Nature

Even aside from any astral tampering, this is a dangerous land for those used to city life. Temperatures stretch to both extremes, and the dangerous wildlife puts anything near civilisation to shame.

The Golden Lands are Expertly Twisted

Whatever influence strange beings have had on this continent, they were good at their jobs. Architecture and machinery make the great works of Bastion look primitive, and impossible landscapes stand perfectly centuries after their creation.


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