Monday 11 March 2013

FLAILSNAILS Characters and Into the Odd

This is your one-stop-shop for bringing a FLAILSNAILS character from D&D to Into the Odd.

1 - Convert your D&D Level to the appropriate Experience Level, rolling your new HP.
Level 1: Novice (1d6hp)
Levels 2-3: Proven (2d6hp)
Levels 4-6: Expert (3d6hp)
Levels 7-9: Veteran (4d6hp)
Levels 10+: Master (5d6hp)

2 - Note down your STR and DEX. Your WIL score is chosen from your mental Ability Scores. Characters that use a different Ability Score for magic stuff typically use that number for WIL.

3 - Spellcasters choose one known spell from each spell level. These are now powers bound to your Spellbook, Holy Symbol or other suitable item. Individual spells will behave differently in Into the Odd, but retain their general purpose. Magic Items will also behave differently within their general purpose.

4 - If you consider yourself effectively armoured, you have Armour 1. Generally this will be medieval-style armour with a shield, or modern breastplate and helm. Light, leather armour without a shield gets you nothing  but shot in this world.

5 - Basic one-handed weapons and shortbows do d6 damage. Two-handers or high-quality one-handers do d8 damage. Big guns do d10 and are move-or-fire. No need to track ammunition.

6 - If you come from a Gold Standard world, your gold pieces turn into Silver Shillings.

7 - Any other information (skills, feats, special bonuses) isn't required.

Example (thanks to Harald Wagener)

Kelonius - Expert Specialist
STR 6, DEX 13, WIL 10, 14hp. 

Crossbow (d8), Short Sword (d6), Octopus Tentacle Whip (d6), Shortbow (d6) Curved Obsidian Dagger (d6), Fake Hook Hand (d6).  
Crowbar, 2 Spikes, Specialist Toolkit (blood spattered), Net.
Pompous Garb, Finned Puffy Hat, Broken Dwarven Glasses, Rations for two weeks, Piss Bucket, Fancy Hinged Box, Rope 50’, Pirate Hat, Pony. 
10g25s, Jewels worth 3g35s. 

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  1. It is not weight alone, but lacking attachment of all the stuff they claim to carry around... Here dangles a shortsword, there a crowbar/prybar... Sir, one hour of wandering ensures the character fatigues and takes bruises from the stuff. #rofl #lol