Monday 18 March 2013

Bastion's Favourite Arms Dealer

Frank Regal - Expert Entrepreneur
STR 14, DEX 8, WIL 14, 11hp, Duelling Pistol (d8), Officer's Cane (1d6), 1d6g.

A travelling salesman of great repute. Wears a faded naval uniform and wears an eyepatch for purely cosmetic effect.

Claims he's giving you a 10% discount for whatever reason he can think of. Discount is included in the prices below.

To see which items he has in stock, roll 5d6. For each duplicate, roll once on the Special Item Table.

1: Red Fred (10s): Military-grade musket (d8, two hands). Fixed with bayonet (1d6+1, two hands). Legendary resilience, still firing through monsoons, sandstorms, and polar freezes.

2: Capper's Lugporker (10s): A hooked halberd (d8, two hands) once used by city watchmen. Can force riders to pass a STR Save or be pulled from their steed.

3: Stower Sticks (10s): A brace of small pistols (d8, two hands) with a harness that can be easily concealed.

4: Buff Pup (50s): A heavy blunderbuss (d10, two hands) with a complex and lengthy loading process. Can only be fired once per combat, but roll d6 to see how many nearby targets can be caught in the blast.

5: Lagger's Dag (50s): A man-portable cannon (d8, 2 hands, move or fire) that can damage ships as a siege weapon.

6: Rum-Tilter (30s, one hand): A highly decorated, basked-hilted sword (d8), with real silver details.

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