Saturday 27 August 2011

Getting Scifi in your Fantasy

This coming week I'll be posting about a project I've been working on that is very much 'fantasy with some Scifi spilled on it.

In preparation I'd love to hear what you think about blobs of Scifi in you d&d style fantasy games. Do you like them to be weird exceptions or spread across the setting as an underlying theme? How about full Scifi fusion where ray guns and flying saucers are common to every adventure? Or do you like to keep your Scifi to different games entirely?

1 comment:

  1. I've always liked mixing genres like that. Hence my favorite games have been Shadowrun and Eberron. I also really liked the 3.0 Dragonstar Setting that Fantasy Flight put out (D&D...In SPACE!....).

    I think that adding in the extra genre really helps give new twist and options to the usual tropes of a given type of setting. Which allows for a new and varied kind of play.

    When done the right way mixing genres is like like combining chocolate and peanut-butter.

    When done in the wrong way you end up with the The World of Synnibarr rpg. (