Tuesday 10 May 2022

ITOR Last Call

Last Call for new Into the Odd Remastered pre-orders! Existing backers, this is also your last chance to modify your order.

At the end of Sunday 15th May the Pledge Manager will close and the final details go over to Fria Ligan.

You can pre-order here, where existing backers can also confirm their delivery details: https://bastionland.pledgemanager.com/projects/into-the-odd-remastered/participate

We're still on track for June delivery, and I'll keep the updates coming as we get closer.


  1. A few weeks ago I ran the Iron Coral after years of fretting and was telling friends of the experience. I went to link them to the simple paperback copy only to find you've just Remastered it but I've completely missed the boat! What are the Odds? ;)

    Do you plan to sell the hard-copy through this site same as Electric Bastionland? (which I've now ordered) Cheers from across the pond and space!

    1. Unfortunate timing! Yes, the remaster will go up for general sale once the Kickstarter copies have been sent out, so likely towards the end of June. It will be available through Free League's store and hopefully pop up in some other places too. I'll be sure to update with a post here when that happens.