Thursday 17 February 2022


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Continuing from last week's talk of Certainty, I have a very basic combat system you could bolt onto it. Hugely inspired by Skorne, which has recently received a new coat of paint.

All based on a scale of 1, 2, and 3, with those numbers doubled if there's ingenuity or a sacrifice at play. 


Normal characters have 3 Wounds. At 0 Wounds they are incapacitated. Below 0 Wounds they are dead.

Enemies always act before the players, but the players get a chance to react before it hits. Damage occurs simultaneously.

Damage, Armour & Healing

All three operate on the same scale.

1: Light 2: Heavy 3: Magical

Particular ingenuity or sacrifice doubles the damage of an attack.

Armour absorbs damage from incoming attacks. Heavy armour is awkward, and magical armour always comes with some sort of catch.

Light healing is a day or night of rest. Heavy Healing is professional treatment. Magical always comes with a catch.

Example Monster - THE PIT LEGION

  • The legion grows a new twisted body (3W) each time a soldier dies with fear in their heart. They fear death more than anything. 
  • Their blades and arrows bite (2D) with barbs that prevent natural healing. 
  • Their armour and shields (2A) are dull with rust and mud. After death, they are reborn in The Pit, stronger and scarred.

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  1. Could you provide an example of combat? Specifically how you would play out a mismatch in light damage versus magic armor.