Tuesday, 18 January 2022


Last time I spoke about a modular approach I'm trying out for Ask the Stars.

Well, this coincided with last week's dip into Classic Traveller, which of course means I had to combine the two. 

So there are now two brand new Ask the Stars modules awaiting testing. 

INTERGALACTIC is sort of the core, giving you a spacefaring character and rules for drifting around space, seeking business opportunities at greasy starports, and spending your profits on better gear.

PLANETARY deals with going down to onto worlds, exploring their settlements, dodging hostile lifeforms, and even dipping into the corporate world. 

The PRIMORDIAL module that I shared last week needs some work based on what I've learned from these two, so you can expect that to get an update some time this week. Then my to-do list has no fewer than *checks* eleven other modules I'd like to make, so this might keep me busy for a while.

And for those bitten by the planet creation bug, I'll be creating five planets using five different systems  (including this one) over on tonight's stream, 9pm GMT. 

Check them both out in the Ask the Stars folder.


  1. Tsk. Big mistake. In Planetary, in the Atmosphere table, I see Violet, Green, Blue, Pink, Golden… but you can't NOT have Purple Haze as a possible outcome!

    There's Bloody, though, which is always a classy touch.

    On a less facetious note, what's the origin of the Ask the Stars spark table? I don't remember seeing it explained anywhere. I mean, I would guess it comes from some kind of (imagined?) zodiac, but it's not a particularly insightful guess.

    1. At the time I was experimenting with using Tarot cards as a sort of content-generation tool for RPGs, and wanted to see if I could distil that same feeling down to something a little more accessible. Those big oracle tables in Ironsworn were definitely an inspiration too.

  2. Somebody is a Beastie Boys fan.{)

  3. I've seen (ok glanced through) Blighters and now see that you have this on the go too. What are the drivers to do two separate Sci-Fi RPGs?

    1. If only I could control the projects that I get excited to work on!

      This definitely fills a different niche to Blighters though, which is more closely based on Blades in the Dark, where this is significantly minimalistic.