Thursday 27 May 2021

Bastionland Editorial #12 - Focus

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This is not one of my strong points.

I feel like my games are relatively focused. They go through a whole process of distillation and filtration to get them there, as I wrote about last week. Myself, sat at my desk attempting to write, though? That's a different story.

As part of the constant battle against distraction, I annihilated my twitter feed this week. My tweets are still there, I'll still be posting updates, and you can still tag me if you want to draw my attention to something, but the timeline was killing my ability to focus. 

So I winced as I unfollowed everybody.

It feels bad, because there are people there that I enjoy hearing from. But even with the trimming and muting that I'd already done, having the thoughts of 100 interesting people served to me in bite-sized chunks alongside their likes and retweets was taking away from my life more than it was contributing. 

So I made a promise to myself. 

When I would normally check Twitter, I'm going to read something else instead. It could be a game blog, an article about something entirely unrelated, or a book that's collecting dust on my shelf. 

Blogs hold an extra special place in my heart. I won't do the traditional pining for the glory days of the blogosphere right now, because there's probably more great stuff being written than ever. 

Still, I feel somewhat out of the loop. My blogroll is essentially my own reading list, so what  am I missing out on? Let's share the good stuff. Stick your favourite game blogs below for us all to enjoy. 

Bye for now,

Chris, not@bastionland


  1. My blogroll is also my reading list, but it is fairly long 0.o. I feel bad excluding anyone, but on my own blog I've done a bunch of interviews of other bloggers as well.

    Additionally, I might specifically shout out:

    Archons March On: Nobody does better random roll tables, but he's also just a brilliant and creative person.

    Chiquita Fajita: Doing some of the most interesting quantitative and theory writing in RPGs.

    Sheep & Sorcery: Mike is an excellent worldbuilder with unique sensibilities.

    The Bottomless Sarcophagus: One of the best writers in the blogosphere, and a great scenario designer and worldbuilder.

    There are many more and I feel bad stopping there but I'm moving today and this is just procrastination, but check out my blogroll or those interviews for plenty more!

  2. I like to read Mythcreants for their storytelling articles and Q&As. Their sole focus isn't RPGs, though.

  3. I look at -- and then I look at the blogroll. Recent posts percolate to the top, so as the blogosphere is active, the list changes. I get to see what is 'hot', and for more of a deep dive into history I scroll down.

    It's an interesting mix, I find.

  4. Cavegirl, bottomless sarcophagus, and The Lovely Dark are all very good blogs I like the poke at from time to time.

  5. Yes, definitely a good time for game blogs and podcasts and, I agree, more satisfying crunch than Twitter. In no particular order: False Machine, Library of Attnam, Jeff's Game blog, Luke Gearing, Paper Elemental, Stevens Balagan plus those mentioned by previous commenters above, among many others