Tuesday 14 July 2020

d6 Visiting Aliens

Aliens are here in Bastionland, some more obvious than others, but they're all here for a reason.

They always have a means of communicating with humans, even if a piece of the barrier remains. They typically adopt a pseudonym while in Bastion.

All images from artbreeder.

1: Red Veil

DEX 5, 7hp, Shifting Body (Armour 2), Reality-Bending-Touch (d8 damage, absorbs a part of any being that it kills)
  • Is here to hunt down another Alien on behalf of a benefactor, claiming they are a monstrous planet-destroyer. 
  • Compelled to work within the laws of Bastion, so has spent the last few months trying to secure legal backing for their assassination. 
  • Secretly enjoys watching the strange wildlife of Basiton.

2: Pale Worldrider

STR 4, 5hp, concealed bone-spike (d6). 
  • Is just riding this world until their destination is close enough to light-jump to. It should be another few months. 
  • Doesn't realise that Bastionland isn't really moving in the same way as other planets in the Living Stars. When their jump inevitable fails they become dedicated to getting Bastionland "moving right" by whatever means technology will allow. 
  • Unrivalled genius of design in all modes of light-travel, aeronautics, and reading stars. 
3: Ego Gazer

CHA 13, 4hp, starry robe (Armour 1, weirdly compelling to watch)
  • Is following a trail through the Living Stars based on the dreams of others. Looking for people she can dive into the dreams of in order to find her next destination. 
  • Can take one other with her on her next dream-dive.
  • Has a pilot she can call in to collect her when she has the next destination.
4: Hound Breeder

DEX 15, 3hp, Collar Gun (Target must pass a DEX Save to avoid being collared. Once collared the Breeder can discharge a d8 shock at will. No regular means can cut the collar). 
  • Collecting strange breeds of dog to take back to his breeding stable.
  • Doesn't really understand the difference between dogs and other animals or even people. 
  • Despite not being a particularly kind Master, will not suffer to see any joyous cruelty towards dogs (or those he thinks are dogs). 
5: Golden Blood Trader

DEX 5, 5hp, Solid Gold Bod (Armour 3), Two Crushing Limbs (d10 each).
  • Often mislabelled as a Machine, which he goes to great lengths to clarify.
  • Deals in the trade of blood. Any sorts, traded for other sorts. Is vague why this benefits him.
  • When he has twelve blood samples from this world he desposits a golden nugget (worth £5k) and blasts off to the stars.
6: Sun Collector

  • Doesn't strictly have a physical form, but various inhabitants of Bastionland claim to be acting on her behalf with huge sums of money at their disposal. 
  • Wants to buy Bastionland's sun so that it can be harvested, destroying all life on the world within a year.
  • So far this has proven to be a tough sell, but her representatives are growing in number.

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  1. Some really evocative text to go with the images. Artbreeder is my go-to site for visual Bastionland inspiration lately.