Wednesday 10 February 2016

Power Arms

Into the Odd has four classes of weapon.

Hand Weapons - One handed, d6 damage.
Field Weapons - Two handed, d8 damage.
Noble Weapons - One handed, d8 damage, fancy and pricey.
Heavy Guns - Two handed, d10 damage, move or fire, ultra-pricey.

And we're looking at that last class. Why are Heavy Guns the only class that rules out melee?

Was it designer oversight?
Are guns just better than melee weapons in this world?
Is it because the move-or-fire rule doesn't work with melee stuff as well?

All questions we can ignore, because Heavy Guns now has a sister-class.

Power Arms - Two handed, d10 damage, ultra-pricey, and each has their own downside.

Drill-Bill: So clumsy that rolls of 3 or less are ignored entirely.

Bonesaw: If you cause Critical Damage the saw gets jammed up in the victim, requiring a round to remove.

Impact-Pod: When you roll a 10, you take the damage.

Strangler: Getting it installed on your arm is a permanent modification.

Chattersword: Incredibly loud, and takes a round to fire up.

Demolition Hammer: Fitted with two charges, consuming one with each attack. Reloading charges requires a Short Rest.

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  1. Just reading your old post. I do hope you'll add those Odd World Toolkit entries to the new edition that will be kickstarted soon!