Wednesday 10 February 2016

Far Theories 2: The Spirits of Everything

Part 2 in a series of apocryphal essays concerning the nature of the Far Lands. Of all the great minds in Bastion, these five writers were available.

The Spirits of Everything - Alfo Praisecake, Author "The Location Paradox"

We know that these Far Lands are not separated from us merely by distance, or even by time. They are at once alien and familiar. They are without number. So far I am the only scholar of note to coalesce these factors into a perfectly logical theory.

The Spirit Theory dictates that the even the tiniest thought or concern of a living thing creates a spark of energy just outside of our perception. Enough sparks create a being, further sparks feed it, and soon this spirit exists as both being and place.

Whether or not there's any truth in the idea, the Spirit embodies the form in which is exists in our minds.

Duty Spirit

STR 6, DEX 15, WIL 19, 10hp, Burn (d4). 
- Assign you a duty, if you don't have one. 
- Burn those who turn their backs on duty.
- Sacrifice itself for another at the first opportunity. 

Lizard Spirit

STR 16, DEX 18, WIL 15, 15hp, Armour 1, Bite (d6, paralyse on Critical)
- Talk and act with cold-blooded detachment.
- Consume things whole.
- Embody toxicity.

Borough Spirit

STR 18, DEX 4, WIL 15, 12hp, Armour 2, Slam (d10).
- Wall off those that belong together from those who are different.
- Crush those that betray their community.
- Do anything to stop you leaving.

Psychiatric Spirit

STR 15, DEX 13, WIL 16, 15hp, Armour 1, Claws (d10).
- Intrude into your mind.
- Lie about the scope of its powers.
- Lock you up. 

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