Wednesday 9 August 2023

The Coven

I'm away at GenCon this week, and expect to be shell-shocked next week, so expect things to be a little different during this disruption.

If you see me at GenCon, do grab me and say hi.

Now as such, this week is just a little Mythic Bastionland preview of a yet-unseen Myth entry.


In verdy whisper, on thundry roar
In starry flare, thrice-membered lore


1. The Cloud Hag descends from above, bombarding the company with gusts of wind. She’ll leave when she feels strong.

2. Under a canopy of knotted trees, a cauldron bubbles. Objects dipped in glow with darkness. For the rest of the day the object is invisible to any that wish to harm you. If living matter touches the brew then one of the Coven bursts from within and admonishes for the intrusion.

3. The Garden Witch stoops about in the shrubbery, gently removing snails from leaves before eating them. She offers some of her snails, which allow the eater to speak with plants for a few minutes.

4. Amid a field of lush growth, a perfect circle of dead plants. Plants entering the circle wither and die. The Garden witch has planted a saltstone causing this.

5. The wind drops suddenly, then the screech of the Achantrix announces there will be no night today. The next Night phase is treated as daytime.

6. The Coven fight to the death, nothing able to quell their hated for each other. The victor mourns, then enters exile.

Always in conflict (see below). In mortal hands their trinkets turn to sand after use.

The Cloud Hag, Nimbrel the powerful
VIG 17, WIT 13, GRA 12, 12GD
Wind orb (d10 blast), fog cloak (A1 and fly)
Wants to feel above everybody else.

The Garden Witch, Tanselie the petty
VIG 10, WIT 13, GRA 15, 8GD
Four bony arms (d6 each), petal locket (endless water when watering plants)
Wants to nurture the small, cut back the big.

The Achantrix, Scathara the perfect 
VIG 15, WIT 13, GRA 18, 10GD
Bright sickle (2d8), star ring (disobeying a command by the wearer causes d8 GRA loss)
Wants to expel all darkness from the world.


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