Wednesday 18 January 2023

Faunic Tutors

There are more.

Blood Drinker Ox
Aface ared in fields avune
Aveins, a pulse apower attune
With cloven hoof he crushed red grain
A gory mark on face and mane
But all who'd felted wash of blood spied a noble grace
In eye and maw of goring beast a warm familiar face

Emerald Panther
In forest deep the treasures sleep averdant eyes naysleep
He guards with maw on silent paw with jaded thew and claw
But from  those seeds an envy feeds and drinks upon the soul
For wealth untold sees green now old in empty lonely hole

Fairy Squirrel
Beneath the boughs astage a spiteful play
Bewitch-ed magic holds its court of grey
Be seeking her in only grave dismay
Beware the nut and thorn and end of day
Before her eyes all veils afall away
Beneath the boughs astage a spiteful play

Longly Viper
Longly Viper slick and quick
New heights his only drive
With every writhe, he'll rise and climb
Upinto darker mind

On his quest he'll snick and sly
Leaving foes for dead
Yet no quest can touch asky
Cold stomach left unfed

Bespotted Wasp
Bespotted Wasp
Alone and free
He'll always be

True to innerself
Gold that cannnot bend
Special to end

Never longing of stripe
A life led always true
Ah! No finer virtue

Fat Crow
Unblacketh oily silkyquill unfatteth rolly bird
Inbranch away he taken fliyt awy awo awerd

Cawdun croak and crack and cray a coven voice dun hallow
In warns of great unglotten fest and faminous unfallow

Now heeden close if yam harth aught
A wazzock's words low sense or nought

Yet hark them riddling rhymes and bluster
Afore yam cannot gawp or chunter


Art by Midjourney

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  1. Midjourney seems very confused by eyes and limbs.