Tuesday 25 October 2022

Into the Odd Adventure Site - The Droner House

You can now venture into The Droner House, perfect if you're looking for a spooky Into the Odd/Electric Bastionland adventure site this Halloween. 

And it's FREE!

You might recognise this from the actual play I did with TKG a couple of years ago, now just barely fit for public consumption. 

Basically a big creepy house where horrible things happened and continue to happen. 



  1. Thank you for sharing this! Loved the actual play with TKG...got me so jazzed up about the EB system and the potential for playing a creepy one shot. Going to try it this weekend!

  2. So. I have just one question.
    How correctly all bastionlands are combined into one meta-setting?)))

  3. Absolutely delighted to find you've shared this! Mostly because I was still curious about the house's mysteries after listening to the actual play.