Tuesday 5 July 2022


A land born of myth. The past that never was now is. 

Petty domains in wildland. Horrors from story and song.

But in our dreams, the shining city. A haven of civilisation.

All Knights take the oath:

Protect the weak.

Witness the myths.

Find the City.

You can now download a very early playtest document for...


(formerly Primeval Bastionland)

The back page has some notes on the purpose of this playtest, and if you've got feedback then head over to the Discord server and look for the Mythic Bastionland room. 

Expect the document to change as I mess with this. There's a changelog on that back page. 


  1. Yes please! I'll have a double helping of this.

  2. I've always wandered what the reasoning behind multiple attackers fighting the same target all rolling together was. Is it a game balance thing? Or is it a verisimilitude issue (multiple attackers getting in the way of each other)? Or something else entirely? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

    1. It's largely to lessen the impact of focusing damage on a single target. I want strength in numbers to be a factor, but in ITO it can sometimes be a bit too much of a factor. This can sometimes make single opponents feel a too fragile, and packs of small enemies too powerful.

      Rolling together and keeping the highest adds a small amount of complexity, but I've found it makes for more interesting combat.

  3. Darn, this is great. I'm reading the thing, and every page makes me wanna drop the current campaign and just play a game of this. Came back to the blog after downloading the document and closing the tab just to say that THIS. IS. GREAT.

  4. There is no easy way of saying this, but I goddamn love you man! This is beauty!

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  6. All I can do is echo the comments above. It scratches an itch that has been rarely scratched since I first started with fantasy rpgs like AD&D 1e (and others) in 1980, and even then it was via the home brew stuff from various talented GMs. I too wish I could just drop the other stuff I have on the go, and start a game of this.

  7. This is so, so good. Can't wait to run a Dark Souls inspired campaign with it. Thank you!

  8. Reading through this for the 1st time and I was wondering about Scarring and relieving the burdens of scars. So am I correct in reading that you *only* get scarred if you hit precisely 0 HP on an attack? Also, some scars, when relieved, appear to potentially boost your HP significantly. What is the 'fluff' behind that if any? Just curious why having my guts mangled, or being doomed would do that? I suspect it could be that I'm considerably tougher in mind/body - but I am just looking for the thought here both in fluff and in terms of 'why' mechanically.

    Seems cool and I have barely scratched the surface so far!

    1. You've got it, Scars happen when you hit precisely 0hp. So if you had 5hp and take 5 damage, that's a Scar.

      The reasoning behind Scars potentially making you tougher is that you learn from the experience, which makes you better equipped to avoid harm in future.