Wednesday 11 August 2021

Primordial Fiends

I'm away this week, so enjoy some of the Fiend Folio creatures that I worked into my Primordial System. You can see me working through this process over here.

Death Knight Undead, Knight, Armoured
  • Stops at nothing when acting to correct some half-remembered shame of its bloodline. 

  • Its armour hides a burnt family crest. 

  • Conjures a gate to its ancestral sanctuary if harmed.

  • Stabs through gaps in armour, leaving a gradually freezing wound, or creates gouts of flame

  • The weak-willed cower in its chill aura

  • Must obey commands from ancient noble blood. 


Psionic, Monster, Flying

  • Hides its fragile real body most of the time.

  • Projects a Spirit Self to hunt or mate, which cannot be harmed by mundane attacks.  

  • While projecting, the real body’s heartbeat becomes a loud, steady thump. The projection must stay within hearing range of this heartbeat. 

  • Must feed on freshly killed humans, and would rather not do the killing itself. 

  • If the Spirit Self is harmed, it flies back to its real body.

  • If the Spirit Self is destroyed, the real body swears vengeance once it restores its spiritual energy. 

  • Its agenda is currently unknown

Eye Killer

Lesser Demon, Subterranean

  • In darkness, it is a placid creature, but will constrict prey or attackers with its snakelike tail. 

  • In low light, it rears up and opens its gigantic bat-eyes, absorbing the light before eventually blasting the source of the light with a death stare

  • In bright light, or in the face of open flames, it cowers away and flees. 

  • Vestigial wings hint at its nature as a fallen demon. It is trying to reclaim its place in the hierarchy of Hell by leaving adventurers wounded in the dark, and alerting more powerful demons. 

Son of Kyuss

Undead, Controlled by Worms

  • Fear and stink zone causes the weak willed to vomit and flee.

  • Regenerates from any physical harm, with only lightning truly killing them.

  • Worms will leap from the Son’s head if they sense a new host. They cannot leap far, but if they are able to burrow into a host, only controlled electrocution will kill the worm. 

  • If the Worm is left inside the host, they die at sundown and return as a Son of Kyuss at midnight.

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