Monday 16 November 2020

d6 Urban Monstrosities

It's easy to think that you're only likely to encounter monstrosities in the darkest corners of the Underground, out in the wilderness of Deep Country, or if you draw too much attention from the Living Stars. 

Fact is, Bastion has everything, including its fair share of terrors, each specially adapted to urban life.

1: Ur-Urchin
5hp, Stony Body (Armour 1), Choking Hands (d8) and Thrown Rocks (d6)
  • Emerge from, or disappear into, any stone building at will.
  • Encourage others to perform acts of escalating mischief against adults, the older the better. Turns hostile if you refuse.
  • On Critical melee Damage the victim is dragged into a wall and becomes a stone gargoyle until the Ur-Urchin agrees to release them.

2: Spirit of Surveillance
10hp, Shapeless Body (normal physical attacks are Impaired). 
  • Has no means of attack, but knows everything about you and knows people that would like those secrets. 
  • Wants you to acknowledge that the Spirit's existence makes everybody safer, and spread that word around.
  • Slips into a stupor if given an opportunity to view a particularly juicy secret. 

3: Portraitor
No physical presence.
  • Shows up in place of another person in a particularly beloved photograph or painting, with a mocking expression.
  • If you go a day without returning to look at the image, he takes something valuable from the image for himself. It is also stolen in reality.
  • If you destroy the image then everything in the image is also destroyed. 

4: Hospitalliteth
STR 16, 10hp, Huge Body (Armour 1), Trample (d6 Blast) or Chew (d12). 
  • Rumoured to appear if restaurant staff are treated poorly by gluttonous patrons. 
  • Only wants to devour those that have over-eaten their fill of delicious food.
  • Gives victims one final chance to make amends with their scorned hosts.

STR 18, 10hp, Huge Metal Body (Armour 3), Colossal Claw Swipe (d10 Blast).
  • Can disguise itself as a regular streetlamp before unfolding into its true form.
  • Carries out disproportionate justice against those causing petty vandalism, seeking them down until killed.
  • Each Fleetlamp has varying standards for what qualifies as vandalism, but they all lack any tolerance for people dropping chewing-gum. 

STR 18, 10hp, Hefty Body (Armour 1), Fists (2x8).

  • Born out of a waste heap that has been left for too long, now defending it so that other Detritans may be born. 
  • Incredibly sensitive about their appearance and smell, seeing themselves as noble knights, swiftly avenging any perceived slight.
  • Any melee attacks that roll a 1 have their weapon absorbed into the Detritan. They regain 1pt of lost Strength and can use the weapon in addition to their Fists. 

1 comment:

  1. 7. The Specter in Drains
    -The butt of many jokes.
    -Tries to lure people to their death by banging on pipes, gurgling, and creating diabolical smells.
    -Fears soap; in some districts, chucking a bar through any noxious grate is an annual tradition.

    8. Newspaper Moth
    -Looks just like a newspaper.
    -Weak, but flammable.
    -Very, very flammable.
    -And of course, attracted to light, and somehow just strong enough to smash lantern glass or short-circuit handheld glowglobes.

    9. Mailbox Mimic
    -Eats your parcels and letters, growing fat on gossip and ink.
    -Scatters titillating illustrated postcards and fake currency as a defense mechanism.

    10. The Taking and Driving Away-Ers (also known as the TommyTWOCers)
    -Tiny people with ropes, ladders, driving goggles, and a plan.
    -Steals anything drivable, from horsecarts to collapsable dirigibles, takes it on a coordinated team-based joyride.
    -Events are closer to a team sport than a traditional hijacking.