Thursday 3 September 2020

GRIMLITE Demo and a Break

 For those that missed the stream, my solo run-through of GRIMLITE is now up on the YouTube Channel for viewing.

Also, don't be alarmed when I'm quiet for the next week, as I'm taking a break, returning on Monday 14th September. As such there won't be a Bastionland Broadcast next week, returning on Tuesday 15th with a new episode of Bastionspiration.

However, Bastionland Podcast will update in my absence, with a new Niche Explorer episode dropping on Monday as normal. 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your solo demo, your demo with Joe Banner and this amazing rulelight wargame!

    I tested GRIMLITE yesterday (I don't own any proper figurins so a few lego bricks did the trick), and it was a lot of fun for a first test! The ideas of line of sight as limit to range attacks and move and of units standing/down/presumed dead are really nice to keep the game fast paced.

    I'm still confused about a detail after seeing your demos : page 18 of your PDF, you say about weapons "For example, a R2x1 weapon grants 1 Ranged Attack that causes 2 Damage if it hits." : if I understood well in your demos you read it as "2 Ranged attacks, each one causing 1 Damage if it hits", so is there a typo in the example?

    Anyway, I'm already eager to test other scenarios and tempted to begin a campaign.